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The DISC Platinum Assessment consists of four different behavioral styles; the dominance style, the interactive style, the steadiness style and the cautious style (University of Phoenix, 2013). This paper will review specific differences between 3 other team members and how positivist will influence behaviors and motivation across the group. Mentor Information The mentor that I chose to work with during this class is Ben Telluride. He is a Technical and Customer Support Manager over 20+ employees in a call center environment.

Outside of the 20+ phone advisors that report to him he has various employees that control the quality levels of each phone advisor, sends all warranty replacement orders to the warehouse, manage inventory, create training documents and handle the training of all new employees. He is responsible for overseeing and managing each of these employees all while working with them to achieve the departments goals; to maintain consistent positive metrics based on customer satisfaction levels, keep costs down and remain a leader in his industry.

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Rebecca Assessment Rebecca is a cautious person who prefers to work alone yet she becomes overly analytical and can procrastinate when she is under pressure and stressed. She has a tendency to take risks when making decisions yet she is focused and in control. It would be beneficial for her to be less guarded and open up more, communication wise. Nicholas Assessment Nicholas is an impresser in that he prefers to work with a group of people and wants to achieve results in all fairness. He tends to judge people by their ability to make things happen even though he needs to work on pacing himself.

He is easily stressed by tasks and through this; he needs to work on maintaining his perspective. Coach’s Assessment Each is a cautious worker who has a tendency to be tense when he is under pressure. He is observant of the people he is working with and is very attentive to what others expect from him. However, because of his focus he also tends to lose track Of time while working on specific tasks. Manta’s Assessment am a dominant person who likes to achieve tasks at hand in a very timely fashion.

I tend to stay away from delegating work because I like to be involved in each step to ensure tasks are being done correctly. I am extremely focused when under pressure, however, I tend to put myself under pressure strictly because I do not like to delegate and I end up with numerous tasks to do. Departmental Plan In order for my learning team members to work best under my mentor and be a part of a successful team we must first understand each others trenches and weaknesses and how we work best in situations. We need to recognize what each person feels and assign work accordingly.

Since Rebecca tends to procrastinate when under pressure we must not assign her time sensitive tasks but allow her tasks that do not involve a lot of team work since this is how she works best. Rebecca would be best at sending orders over to the warehouse or managing inventory since this does not involve lots of team work. Nicholas likes to work with people; however, he tends to lose perspective and can get of tasks if he is not focused. It would be best to pair IM with someone who he can bounce ideas off of and continue to stay on task while not getting overwhelmed.

He would be better off listening to the advisors phone calls and managing quality of the advisors. Each is very attentive so he would work best by managing the customer satisfaction results and identifying what needs to change. Would work best by helping train each of these team members to work under Ben since am familiar with all projects and tasks. It would allow me to monitor everyone’s success while still helping lead the team. Successful projects depend on how well the team arks together.

Elements that lead to success include commitment, contribution, good communication, and cooperation (Igloo, 2001 Since we have been able to identify each team members personality, characteristics and what keeps them focused, it is clear that we will not have an issue combining our strengths and weaknesses to find the right position for everyone involved. Conclusion This assessment is crucial to anyone who is joining a team and needs to understand how best to assign team members assignments where they would be the most affective.

A career self-assessment is an important tool hat can help identify possible avenues on a career path for an employee and be the instrument that opens up communication between the employee and his or her employer on how best to proceed (Subcontractors, 2014). After researching each team member’s personality and performances we are able to determine that if each person is in the right position then it will create a positive environment for everyone. By ensuring people are in the correct positions that fit them best, this eliminates the possibility for the members to be unhappy and cast a negative feel on the team.

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