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I also come from a neutral standpoint when addressing conflict, and have been successful getting members in the team to remove all assumptions and stereotypes and meet me at the same neutral starting point. 2. What skills do you want to improve? I would like to improve my focus on maintenance behaviors. Although have strong conflict resolution skills as it pertains to tasks, I want to make sure the team interpersonal relationships don’t take a hit as a result of the resolution. 3. Which of the following conflict management styles did you select in managing conflict at KEY? Check all that apply.

Briefly describe why you selected each, or why you chose not to try a particular method. X Accommodation Didn’t attempt accommodation as there were two strongly opposing points of view and someone would have been unhappy Covariance Didn’t attempt to avoid or nothing would have gotten resolved and there was a deadline X Compromise Compromise was not an option due to the fact that the result had to be choosing or not choosing to go with Emily idea Competition selected Competition first, as there were two competing ideas, and I needed to get all the information on the table about each and why the points of view were supported or not.

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Collaboration After hearing all of the information from both sides, I got the roof to agree on the goal, then we analyzed each viewpoint to see why we should or shouldn’t support them as a team. 4. What was your dominant conflict management style? Collaboration Was this style effective? Why or why not? This style was effective because it allowed the team to focus on the important issues at hand and analyze the facts after we agreed what the goal was. 5.

Provide an example of how you have used the following conflict management styles in your personal or professional life. Accommodation I’ve accommodated team members when a project had requirements in each individual had their own tasks, but may have felt better edited to perform a task that was assigned to me. Being that I was able to complete several tasks, I switched with team members to accommodate them. Avoidance I have worked with team members who have always wanted to complain about projects after team meetings.

Eve picked up my cell phone right after the meetings and walked off to avoid the negativity Compromise have wanted to meet with my study group on Fridays because it give me more time to work on our team assignments, but the team didn’t want to work on weekends, so we compromised and chose Monday, therefore it still gives us 2 days to work individually before class on Wednesday. Competition I’ve had a problem that was to be resolved by the team a few members had a different suggestion on how to complete the task.

We’ve each went away and wrote down our solutions and then met as a team and let the team decided a whole which idea was best in moving forward Collaboration In working on our week 4 assignment, we all met as a team, discussed our strengths and weaknesses, deciding what we wanted our paper to look like and the time in which we wanted to have it submitted. This allowed us to divide up the work so that everyone would be pleased with his or her portion and the time in which it should be done. 6. What conflict management styles do you plan to use in future team or group situations?

Explain your answer. Plan to use competition using the nominal group technique and collaboration. I like the idea of putting competing issues out on the table for discussion. I think it’s important to make sure that, in doing so; each member has the chance to voice his concerns and point view without interruption. I find it equally important that each opposing member have a chance to address why they oppose. This allows everyone’s point of view to be expressed. Then we can focus on what we expect to achieve then collaborate to get that accomplished.

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