Conflict Resolution Assignment

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Most people do not like conflict because they usually do not resolve their conflicts well and so they develop a distaste for it. There are also ways to constructively engage in conflict that lead to better quality outcomes and relationships. In this course, students learn basic concepts about conflict resolution so that they can develop a deeper and broader understanding of conflict dynamics. There are many types of conflicts and in this course the students focus on learning marabous their interpersonal conflicts with others.

They learn skills so they will be able to more constructively resolve their interpersonal conflicts toward win-win outcomes. These goals are achieved by students developing more self-awareness as to the types of conflict styles they tend to use as their “default” approach. They become more aware of their “hot buttons” and the types of behaviors and situations that cause them to become embroiled in a conflict situation. In addition to learning more about their own habits, they apply these concepts and skills to better understand others around them.

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By developing more empathy and understanding of others, students are able to reduce the number, types, and intensity of their interpersonal conflicts. The course is primarily experiential and interactive so students learn by doing and reinforce their learning through immediate application. There are role-plays, simulations, discussions, presentations, film analyses, and other activities designed to enhance learning of the identified concepts and skills. Conflicts exist every day in most organizations producing either positive or negative outcomes.

Although there are many ways to resolve conflict, the Nominal Group Technique is a method for achieving a consensus of positive results for an organization. Conflict resolution skills in team building develop when team members receive guidance and communicate, interact, negotiate, and provide feedback effectively. While primarily a tool for problem solving, the Nominal Group Technique provides a means of collaboration in assisting with conflict. Using collaboration in this manner results in team building, which increases the relationships within the organization and in turn increases productivity.

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