Economic Consequences of Global Warming Assignment

Economic Consequences of Global Warming Assignment Words: 375

Now global warming is getting more and more serious: the greenhouse effect causes the large area in many regions persistent drought, harvest of crops has declined; the extreme climate also appears frequently: tornadoes, hurricanes, which devastative a large number of innocent lives, and those calamity is causes by global warming result in economic losses over billions; and the glaciers melted, the polar ice broken, sea-level rise, are always the threat to coastal and island countries; in Brazil, Argentina and China and other coastal countries, the economy of industrial areas where have densely populated will suffer great losses.

Seawater inundated farmland that forced many people to migrate, and will impact fisheries production. In addition, as a result of global warming, some areas will become excessive humid, malaria and other infectious diseases are likely to indulge in willful persecution again. More in details, due to the change of climate, some interior regions have become droughts; however, some coastal areas are more humid than usual. This change has resulted in some of the plants has become difficult to intention to grow.

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In such situation, the farmers will not be able to harvest crops, which will be disastrous consequences. In addition, global warming will not only aggravate desertification of land, but also the result in agricultural pests breed rapidly and abundantly. Thus, the global warming also will exacerbate the harm to crops. Furthermore, global warming will cause a rise in sea levels, the seawater flows back to the interior land, which lead the planting areas become colonization and swamp more serious, and planting areas near the coastal region will be reduced and grain production will decline.

Besides, the global warming also results in the energy problem; this is adverse for industrialization countries, and especially some developed nations. Because power plant requires a large amount of water for cooling to use in generate electricity in each year, if some region drought iterative for long time, the power house will be unable to operate normally, and electricity supply will be affected, thus the and many manufacturers only can choose top to produce, which is a large loss in economy, and the bad result will affect the whole of society.

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