Context Journal for Hidden Intellectualism by Gerald Graff Assignment

Context Journal for Hidden Intellectualism by Gerald Graff Assignment Words: 355

Context Journal for Hidden Intellectualism by Gerald Graff BY Goldenly Context Journal for “Hidden Intellectualism ” Undoubtedly, some of the language in this weeks assigned reading challenges readers. The context Journal helps students meet this challenge by identifying: the basic features and structures of the text; unfamiliar words and references; reproduce good text; explain their thinking, and fill in their vocabulary gaps by connecting the language they have now with the language they need to navigate academic texts.

The Context Journal has two parts and they both require active reading. Part I: Active Reading Questions and Answers 1 . What type of text is “Hidden Intellectualism” (essay, editorial, scholarly article, advertisement, or website)? 2. What is the author’s purpose: to inform, to persuade, to explain? 3. Who is the audience? How does the author appeal to the audience? 4. What is the author’s thesis? 5. What question does the text attempt to answer? 6. What evidence does the author provide to support the thesis? Part II: New language and ideas from assigned reading

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In “Hidden Intellectualism” find five (5) new words or ideas the essay and run each one through four (4) steps. Step 1: Type out the sentence with the unfamiliar word or reference you do not understand, and use parentheses to tell me which page number the sentence came Trot. II ten pages are numeral Step 2: Take a guess at what it meaner, and explain your guess to me in a sentence or two. Step 3: Look it up in an appropriate place (A dictionary would be an appropriate place for new words, and for ideas feel free to use any internet search engine, e. Google, Bingo, Internet Explorer), and type out the best definition for this particular text. Step 4: Now show me your “Aha! ” Now that you know the meaning, tell me in your own words what the original sentence meaner. Requirements for this assignment: Both parts of the context Journal must be typed according to ML formatting guidelines (answers can be enumerated) ML header (correct information on right and left margins) Bring a copy of the typed context Journal to class on Wednesday, September 4

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