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Persuasive Writing Project: Instructions: Your task is to create a Persuasive essay from the topics listed below. Pick a topic that will be of interest to you and the reader. Writing a persuasive essay is very interesting and challenging. When making a persuasive argument you must be able to convince the reader that your viewpoint of a certain topic is correct and their way of thinking is incorrect. You will be able to express your views on topics that may be highly debatable. In your argument you must state the facts, give reasonable reasons, use examples and quote experts on your topic.

Persuasive Essay Topics To Choose 1. Pollution Is A Consistent Destruction of the Earth 2. Unnecessary Curfew for Children Under the Age of 15 3. School Uniform, Good Tradition or Outdated Habit 4. The Effect of Bullying in Schools, Community and Social Networking 5. Should Drivers of Automobiles be Prohibited from using Cellular Phones? 6. Should Students Get Paid For Having Good Grades 7. Should Schools offer fast food options like McDonald’s or Taco Bell? 8. Should students be allowed to eat during class? 9. Should schools start later in the morning? 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

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Should state colleges be free to attend? Should the driving age be raised to 21? Bullies should be kicked out of school? Kids under 15 shouldn’t have Faceable pages All schools should implement bullying awareness programs. 15. If you want to choose your own topic – You must see me for approval Follow the outline below in writing out your draft for the persuasive assignment. Once you have completed your draft, you will be ready to finalize your paper using Persuade Star online site for typing and editing a persuasive paper. You must first register as a student using ( GABBLER ) code provided by teacher.

You must create a sword and once you have created a password the program will generate a user name for you. Type the surname and password for Persuade Star in your Password folder that you created including your Aqua account. It is very important that you follow instructions because you will need this information when editing your document before you finalize your persuasive paper. Have an Appropriate Title – See example titles below to choose from Title should be written in bold letters and should be catchy. The topic should be directly related to the topic and the content written in the essay.

Your topic must generate immediate interest in the minds of the readers. Title can be written in the form of a question to grab the attention of the readers. Write a Good and Appropriate Introduction & Hook A hook is a statement that draws the reader into the topic and makes the reader want to continue reading the topic. Hooks are descriptive writing, humor, clever phrases, and statistical facts about subject. (Ex. Audience of young female graduate – paragraph of introduction. Determine target audience (middle school-age) and decide a hook depending on the type of essay you will write.

The introduction should be written in a few lines and should clearly explain the topic which will be discussed in the essay. The main idea in the persuasive essay should immediately come into the mind of the reader. The reader must come to the conclusion in the introduction whether his or her thoughts concerning the topic would be answered in further portions of the essay. You must also mention why you chose that particular topic. Main Body The main body of the essay should contain three or four paragraphs and should give all the information related to the topic of debate.

The body can be written in a question and answer format in which the writer tries to answer all the questions raised by the media and the public on the topic of debate. The body should include tips and suggestions, which can prove to be useful to overcome the serious situations. Utilize the Internet and other publications to help you provide concrete details and proof of your findings. Use statistical information about the findings base on why you or for or against the topic. Your goal is to change the opinion of the reader to your belief. Conclusion

The conclusion is a very important part of the essay because you must again stress the main topic of discussion and tell how your arguments on the topic are correct and in favor of the publics view. You can close by noting that it will ultimately be the reader who changes his or her opinion of the argument based on the creditability of the information; and how convincing you are in proving your point to the reader. Persuasive Writing Assignment Draft Worksheet: Name: Title: Introduction/ Hook Main Body Period: Date Conclusion: Work Cited: Information source

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