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Introduction Green Garden, Green Garden is a recreation zone, it was opened in 2006, Haven Company built the zone. It has a total area of 210 acres and it is located on Pay Rood where there is an easy access to public. Green Garden provides places for recreation, funfair and events and ceremonies, entertainment programs of various kinds, its open souvenir shop and allows to use the place for making video films and for taking photographs.

Moreover, there are various kinds of food stalls including restaurants. Thus Green Garden is a high quality park which provides various functions for efferent kinds of people. As the Managing Director of Green Garden, I have to take the responsibility to meet the vision, mission and organizational goals.

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Vision To be the ideal recreation square where the youths with different tastes and different feelings round up Mission We offer you a hygienic, specious, coos and healthy green environment We grantee you a safe, secure and snug service with reliable security We routinely innovate delightful activities, fascinating movements and breathtaking performances We provide the businessperson with profitable and worthwhile festivals where both leers and buyers can taste the advantage of fair packages and trustworthy goods We always treat you with great respect, full attention, prompt respond and professionalisms dealing We considerately hold the position off good citizen and accessible organization in our atmosphere Organizational goals To increase a customer visiting the Garden by 20% and over annually To extend the activities and expand customer service facilities To fulfill targets for different departments It is required that I have to work dutifully and I also have to take the responsibilities to achieve organizational goals of the company. A Managing Director’s personal skill and professional skills can be known by using a list of main responsibilities and duties of to be performed by Managing Director. Main Responsibilities and Duties To contract, lay down guidelines and coordinate organizational activities in line with defined goals of the company to achieve organizational goals To do management for respective functions according to the policies laid down by the BODY so that the mission of the organization can be implemented successfully.

To make careful decisions in formulation of the organization’s aim and objective, policies and aerogramme and set standards for target. To make assessment and evaluation on the performances of both organization and regulation of its functions. To give support to the subordinates with regular review on their reports and recommends in addition to consultation. To give guidance for preparation of reports, budgets and forecasts etc to be completed within deadline dates and to put them forward to BODY. To approve and confirm funds to accomplish policies and programmers. To prepare professional business forecasts and projects so that the aim of increasing the revenues can be achieved.

To coordinate and manage current activities in the Garden creativity to ensure an impeccable image among public. Periodically reports to the BODY on general developments in the Garden. 1. 1 Use appropriate method to responsibilities and duty, Managing Director must have the following skills Effective communication skill Team work skill Delegation skill Decision making skill Problem solving skill Time management skill Stress management skill Negotiation skill Thus, an assessment on the personal skills and professional skills of Managing Director can be made by using many methods such as self appraisal, upward appraisal, downward appraisal, interview, exam, questionnaire, observation test, honesty test and SOOT analysis.

To assess a Managing Director’s effective communication skill a questionnaires is a useful tool. It is important for Managing Director to possess an effective communication skill because he needs to associate with both superiors and subordinates very well. Only when he can interact all staff members including the superiors will the respective tasks and functions be successfully completed. If Managing Director is not good on terms with staffs there will be bad outcomes in running the business. Another requirement for such a recreation centre is ‘ Teamwork Teamwork plays in important role in doing different kinds of activities being conducted in the Garden because staff member have to share their abilities and talents in doing so.

A Managing Director should assess himself by asking such questions as how well he can assign duties to the staff for different tasks, how will he can handle with problems, how soon he can make a proper decision, how tactfully he can negotiate with teammates, and how skillfully he can build teams. Such functions and duties are to be performed depending on efferent tasks under different circumstances. Besides, being able to work tight, schedule and under pressures are essential skills of a top management, who sometimes has to straggle in the face of emergency. Each and every task can have peak season and weak season, the workload for a particular season may differ from one another.

Accordingly, Job assignment method is the most suitable one to assess Managing Director’s delegation skill, problem solving skill, decision making skill, negotiation skill, time management skill and teamwork skill. Thus, assigning an Managing Director a certain type of Job to be done in a certain deadline with a particular target to be achieved can provide an effective criterion to assess personal skills. 1. 2 Apply technique to assess the professional skills required to support the strategic direction of the organization As for the Managing Director of Garden these professional skills need to support the strategic direction of the organization.

Leadership skill Planning and organizing skills Self development skill Networking skill Multi tasking skill Among these skills, leadership skill is a must for the Managing Director who has to quipped with the required leadership skills, his subordinates will be high motivation and their team work will be more successful. To assess the Managing Director’s leadership skill, self – appraisal and upward appraisal are very useful. Likewise, self – development skills is urgently needed to be acquired in such a business world where highly competitive trend is more and more popular. Biographical information is a useful rating scale which works well to assess the self development skill of a Managing Director.

By using bio data, a Managing Director can self assess on his improvements or weaknesses. As a Managing Director, he is bilged to manage and direct numerous functions such as human resources, adman, sales and marketing, information technology, research and development, finance etc. To do so, he must be able to know and understand the nature of these functions. Furthermore, multi taking skill as well as planning and organizing skill are playing an important part to assess the professional skill of a Managing Director. So, giving the Managing Director Job assignments to be completed in time for different functions can enable to assess his professional skill. Networking skill also needs to be developed for a Managing Director.

Requirements can be decided in time and selection of relevant needs can be met in a defined time when a Managing Director is well-equipped with a good networking skill. Managing Director’s networking skill can be assessed by how soon and he can manage to link with both business firms and potential customers. By using self appraisal method, a Managing Director can assess his professional skill. 2. 1 Carry out a skill audit to evaluate the strategic skills needed to meet current and future leadership requirements SOOT analysis can be used as an effective method for evaluation of a Managing Director’s strategic skills in insuring the achievement of both existing and future leadership prerequisites.

Strength Weakness Communication Skill Planning and organizing skill Opportunities Threats through the new knowledge and skills acquired from attending an MBA program -An emergence of strong competitors -An increase in the numbers of tourists from foreign country -A frequent tendency to change in public interest After making a personal SOOT analysis, a Managing Director can know his strengths to be exploited for more efficient accomplishment to reach organizational goals and he should try to improve his weakness by using an appropriate learning style. Thus his personal and professional skills will be developed. 2. 2 Apply appropriate techniques to identify preferred learning style In selection of an appropriate learning style, different nature of different tasks and different subjects should be taken into account. There are many learning styles according to different subjects. The theory presents a cyclical model of learning, consisting of four stages shown below Fig .

Kola’s experiential learning cycle Concrete experience, either planned or accidental and where the learner actively experiences an activity, is followed by Reflective observation, when the learner unconsciously reflects back on that experience Abstract conceptualization is where the learner attempts to conceptualize a theory or model of what is observed. Active experimentation is where the learner is trying to plan how to test a model or theory or plan for a forthcoming experience. Fig. Honey and Uniform’s Learning Style Reflector – Prefers to learn from activities that allow them to watch, think, and review (time to think things over) what has happened. Likes to use Journals and brainstorming. Lectures are helpful if they provide expert explanations and analysis. Theorist – Prefer to think problems through in a step-by-step manner. Likes lectures, analogies, systems, case studies, models, and readings. Talking with experts is normally not helpful.

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