Island Project-Individual Reflection Assignment

Island Project-Individual Reflection Assignment Words: 580

This island project was very different from most projects I’m assigned but as my group p heard from others, we realized It relates to the plot of Lord of the Flies. We initially ha d trouble thinking of a title for our Island and found many conflicts as we discussed the rules. F or a lot of the time, we focused on what the penalty was for each rule. Half of us decided our VA guy rules were not punishable and the other half knew these shouldn’t be considered rules if r ales are something to be punished for If broken.

No forming alliances” evolved Into “don’t go anywhere alone, especially at night” and we took out unreasonable rules that are basically unpin eventuate. For example, it’s impossible to punish a person for mutiny if they are already rebelling g and out of your grasp. After determining who explores what part of the Island, we promised each other to w rite about a couple of humorous happenings in our individual “Exploration” work. We also decided to name our island “Death & Taxes” because we found it ironic. Royal wrote about the CE enter of the Island where he found a rhinoceros and Lindsey wrote about a bunch of squirrels t the fruit orchard.

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By the time we began the map In part Ill of this project, we had discussed ho everything would piece together. It was difficult to find a place to start the map so we roughly assigned each person a part to draw. We began the map with rough sketch in pencil and found It challenging to draw a rhinoceros and place the water source, our cave and toehold s, and the different types of trees in an appealing way. I was basically scribbling and marking o if the areas we described in our exploration papers. Royal tried to draw a compass rose a number r of times of the blob heaped island with trees and Lindsey began outlining shapes with marker.

With little time left in class, I offered to take the map home to outline the details and fill the map with color and to redraw the rhino. It took me a couple of hours but in the middle of the night, I final completed the map by coloring the ocean. The next day in class, we finalized the map by adding squirrels and making our shelter a. K. A our “tip'” a darker color. For the remainder of c lass time, our whole group relaxed and began part V of the project. Overall, this project was very amusing and my English group had minor difficulties in the rewrite part of it.

We found the project relatable to Lord of the Flies only because the re was an island in both since we knew the story had nothing to do with getting along and survive ping. Our English group has worked together since the beginning of second quarter whereas the e school boys in LOTT met on the deserted island. The contrast of the two situations was too g read for us to find the point in the project. It was barely a challenging project since most of it was done as a group during class. All of us are glad we didn’t need to present to the class, and we a re also satisfied with the outcome of our entire assignment.

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