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As more employers are keen n recruiting new employees that are comfortable with working in teams so have the learning institutions place more importance on the need of students to work in groups and develop this much needed skill. Below is a personal reflection on our group assignment. This assignment was made easy by the lecturer as we were given a topic but for the first time since I started college, the lecturer created the groups by picking our names out of a hat The main purpose of the project was to create a Lesson learned Report from a case study on The London Ambulance Service’s project from the early ass. The Planning Process

This was my first group assignment this academic year and the four members met after the lectures that night, exchanged contact details and decided that since we were all seeing this case study for the first time, it would be highly beneficial if we all take out some time to read it, take notes and come up with ideas on how to approach it before the next class. Also, a project leader was appointed. This meeting took roughly half hour. Before the next meeting, one of the group members used the assignment planner from the school’s website to create a plan that would give an insight into what needs to be done and by when.

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This helped a great deal. Division of Tasks When we were brainstorming, I felt the ease of having four heads together Instead of one. There were various Ideas from each member. Where this could have turned Into a conflict, we harnessed and exploited them to generate new and better Ideas. Finally, using a table of content, we divided the task and agreed on when to have it ready to share with the rest of the group using the Drop application. Writing Process I wrote my part of the assignment few days before if was due.

With individual assignments in previous years, I always procrastinate as there was no pressure and I only had myself to answer to. I realized doing a group proposal would take lots of sacrifice. I did a lot of secondary research and gradually build up my structure. I also took some time to understand what we were asked to do and read it times and again to ensure that the points made were relevant. Editing Process I edited the project In a short amount of time. I thoroughly read over the paper looking for obvious spelling or grammatical mistakes.

My group members gave Lessons Learnt Working in a group allows access to much more information than any one individual member can possess Group projects are very time consuming and requires a lot ore time than I initially anticipated Next time I work with a group, I will place more emphasis on communication via a medium where information can be shared in real time and not Just by mails (watchstrap and other text messaging applications would have reduced some of the gaps in communication) Trying something new isn’t always a bad thing.

The lecturer picked the group and I ended up in a group with other students that I have never worked or familiar with. This posed a challenge initially but I don’t think it could have gone any better even with students I would have picked myself. I have now made a few new friends. Unlike other individual assignments, I was unable to procrastinate, as I was conscious of not letting the other group members down; which is a good thing.

Conclusion Even though this was a group project, the individual inputs during the planning stage helped us develop not only a solution to the problem raised but also a solution to how to effectively complete the final lessons learnt report. It also made each member of the group have a purpose to each part of the project that we accomplished together. The planning was essential to the success of the project. As projects

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