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The two countries that will be discussed in this paper is China and Mexico as we look at the different cultures we will see the importance of knowing what language is spoken, religion, and foods that cake up the culture for the country, as we all know business ethics globally has been going on for years so other individual can see how each culture values their perspective for their country concerning how agreements are made, if we do not communicate with other countries it keeps countries in the blind and therefore agreements cannot be made.

Business ethics is important when you are pertaining to other cultures especially when you need to know something about the country as well showing respect. Investing in other countries such as Mexico and China one must have a basic understanding of the culture, values, business practices which will allow individuals to adapt and have a better understanding on how to give and receive the best business ethics which are important to the organization.

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Business in Mexico ethics has a enormous impact because it is viewed as an essential part of business in the article “Walking the Walk” by Lily Adler stated when employees are ethical within the company then customers, individuals, and suppliers are more likely to enjoy the benefits. The best investment when doing a business with other cultures is to always be upfront and use ethical sections, when individuals decide to be unethical in their business propositions it becomes disrespectful to all individuals and their culture.

The primary ethical perspective in Mexico is the assumptions within the business propositions such as promising a perspective and never following through with the objective, because of breakdown in communication, so at this point you must ask can you teach ethics to employees where you may have corruption in both the government and business aspects, as stated, but some may say vagueness is in all cultures (Adler).

The reason for the vagueness as dated by Adler is the difference between Americans and Mexico citizens is accountability which is important in business ethics, as Americans accountability is vital in business or personal perspectives. Therefore it was stated that Mexicans believe the person that is held for the accountability is not serious, but the burden accountability is on the boss (Adler).

In addition, to other ethical perspectives as Americans when an individual al is told to obtain a certain degree or requirement to advance to a different position or a different level within the company as Americans we take in consideration hat has been defined will come to reality.

As for the ethics in Mexico, as stated in the article the employee was notified and told if they would obtain a degree therefore they would be elevated to another position, but after obtaining the degree what was told to the individual did not come in reality because they did not receive a promotion as promise (Alder). Therefore the difference in the ethical prospective is in the United States for an individual to succeed they must obtain some type of degree to advance, but in Mexico that is not a guarantee.

China is the fastest growing economy in history, also is the arrest recipient in foreign aid in addition; China manufactures approximately 50 percent of products for different countries around the world. When individuals conduct business in China it is done with the utmost respect and patience is a virtue (Lu, 2009). When issues have occurred pertaining to the products, individuals are quick to state that most products that come from China are defective because they are made in China.

China has been in the forefront in all they do, but their major concerns are how their business ethics will be considered to protect the interest of others such as employees, investors, and the public. As for our article pertaining to China titled an “A Chinese Perspective business ethics in China now and in the Future” The global ethical prospective is why products are coming from China are defective so to determine the business ethics of China now and in the future to other countries.

As for the American people we purchase products from China but concerning our article there are three events that question the business ethics of China such as purchasing toys, toothpaste, and pet foods have much concern which will pertains to employees, investors, and the public because as an investor is it in the best interest to conduct business tit a country who products are always questionable.

As for the American people and conducting business with China, the Federal Drug and Administration has informed Americans to throw away toothpaste from China because of glycol, also pet food that was poison with melamine in which China officials determine they were not responsible for the deaths of so American animals, therefore the question remains is this using good business ethics. Therefore when Americans consider the evidence of contaminations it gives individuals the mindset the business ethics with China is unethical (Lu, 2009).

Nevertheless, in the years 2004 to 2007 China exports met the qualifications because 99 percent of their exports are good. The concept of believing that China products were defective brought about fear within the economic government (L u, 2009). The reason the fear was brought about just like the companies in the United States such as ENRON were honored for their excellence, but they were unethical in their decision which cost the company, investors and individuals everything therefore the companies responsible for the contamination were honored as well even though there actions were unethical.

Therefore considering the unethical issues they must eliminate corrupt practices, as stated earlier China is at the forefront in which they want to offer a field of ethics while utilizing this concept it will help China to have an impact on other countries around the world. In conclusion, the two countries along with the United States views are different as well our business ethics, but to comply with each other we first must understand each other ethics to make decisions to do business. As for America we cannot have everything our way because of cultural differences but come to an understanding that will benefit both sides.

In addition, cultures should never be considered independent because it can affect the ethical attitudes and behavior of the countries. For an example two countries can have a relationship concerning their business ethics, but they must respect each other demands. Mexico and China through globalization we must have the interaction along with integration among people, and governments therefore it will help us with international trade, investments, and technology and when we consider this type of mindset it will help us to understand that one country ethical practices is not as effective as others. The business ethics of Mexico and

China compared to the United States we must be mindful and continue to strive to build an understanding for the values of difference we have with in our cultures to help all parties coming to a common ground, analyzing the facts will help with honesty on both parties which will eliminate the assumption of unethical issues. When all parties have come to agreement to understand each culture it will the countries to have more involvement which will allow countries to respect each other. When countries are involved and respect each other it will not feel one country is utilizing unethical procedures.

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