Ethics in Organizational Behavior Assignment

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January 8, 2012 ? Ethics in Organizational behavior There are businesses that welcome employee’s opinions in order to help them run a better business and at times businesses do not prefer the opinions of their employee, but will run their business how they see fit. Either way some of these businesses can be successful and grow whether they accept the opinions of their employees. Even though Ethical behavior is not being influences, ethical issues are a major concern in organizations.

Even though Ethical behavior are not being influences, Ethical issues are a major concern in organizations because, organizations influence ethical behavior in employees, and Individual influences impact ethical behavior. Not all businesses are out just to get a buck some of them actually do have morals and beliefs and do not want to go under their standards. First, Ethical issues are a major concern in organizations because businesses find it difficult to sum up what ethics are especially when doing business with other countries. An example would be Yahoo doing business with China.

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Yahoo has some issues with some of China’s standards which they felt were conflicting with their moral standards. Ethics is difficult to define according to Kinicki, A. , & Kreitner, R. (2009) “The problem when discussing ethics is that there is not universal standard of ethical behavior. ” (pg. 22) A person can argue with this statement but the fact of the matter each person has their own idea of ethics. Additionally, organizations influence ethical behavior in employees. When employees see that the organizations that hire them are not ethical it tends them to be dishonest or quit.

Ethics are right versus wrong and good verses bad and anything in between that has to do with solving issues in a situation. It does not help when management ignores the mission statement that tells what they stand for or are about. Management made sure that the employees read the mission statement after becoming employed at their business. The mission statement is an expectation of ethical matters of the company. They also made sure they are aware of company policies and sign them. However, employers do not always follow their own policies and make it difficult to run their business fairly.

It is essential for companies not to act in an unethical way because it can cause problems with their customers, and making their sales. The hospital I have been to have their Mission Statement posted so that everyone can see it, but not everyone follow it. Some management has bad attitudes and do not care about the patients that come in there. When they complain they are ignored and are pushed to the side. Finally, the most important reason Ethical issues are a major concern in organizations is individual influences impact ethical behavior.

When Google decided to do business with China they knew it was enormous opportunity but they feared it would conflict in Dean, J. (2010, January 13) “with their don’t be evil mantra” they wanted it to be “universally accessible and useful. ” Yahoo was talked about badly for helping the Chinese police identify a Chinese journalist who used his Yahoo email account to send messages to an overseas according to Dean, J. (2010, January 13) the “Web site the contents of s secret government order. ” The punishment sentence for the journalist was ten years in prison.

Also “Google Inc’s has been having ethical issues with China and wanted to withdraw from doing business with them. They were “forced to make painful concessions to its public embrace of freedom of information. ” ? References Kinicki, A. , & Kreitner, R. (2009). Organizational behavior: Key concepts, skills & best practices (customized 4th ed. ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN: 9780073381411. Dean, J. (2010, January 13). Ethical Conflicts for Firms in China. The Wall Street Journal on the web. Retrieved January 9, 2012, from http://online. wsj. com/article/SB126335402591827235. html#ixzz1j1eD1FkG

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