Lord of the Flies Personal Reaction Assignment

Lord of the Flies Personal Reaction Assignment Words: 325

Lord of the Flies Essay A person who is reliable is usually seen as independent, accountable and dependable. Also a sense of faithfulness and uniqueness created which increases motivation. As a result from this point on the modern view of an individuals character is to be used to put it side by side with group actions. It might be said that the trait of skill refers more to presentation than to actions; this may be true although presentation affects actions. Possibly if a person is part of a crowd when decisions are being made and talked about a person would have acted in a different way.

The difference in these actions are crucial as they set up the boundaries between independent and group actions. When one is alone they are not judged or criticized by the actions they commit. That’s when integrity comes into play. A person’s actions when they are alone determine a person’s integrity. When a person is in a group their actions change as their actions are witnessed by others and they are more respectful. When one is alone, is comes down to integrity, but while with others it is about the image they try to display.

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In Lord of the Flies, savagery had so much taken over the boys that integrity did not matter, nor did being judged by the other kids, as they acted on their savage nature. They killed other boys, and were in a barbaric state in their mind. Lord of the Flies shows that both of these can be expelled from a person’s mind when it is a very important factor in a normal society. The difference between a individuals actions and a groups actions are very different. Alone one will act in their own best interest where as with others people will act according to what others do and accept. In Lord of the Flies however both of these do not matter.

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