The characterization of Piggy in the novel Lord of the Flies Assignment

The characterization of Piggy in the novel Lord of the Flies Assignment Words: 974

Throughout the entire endeavor on the island Piggy is seen as an outcast of society. No one wants him around, and no one sees Why anyone even needs him around. However, not on person ever realizes the without Pig the group may not survive long enough to even get rescued. Gore example, they may all kill each other before an officer arrives to rescue them. Pig’s main objective during this time may be to, in his own way, keep order and sanity. Piggy new that if a person wants to get something done that he needs to be firm and frank about What he or she wants.

For instance While Ralph and Piggy were arguing, Piggy says to Ralph “You got to be tough now. Make ‘me do whatnot want “(92). This may have shown Ralph that Piggy may actually know what he is talking about since this method was so affective for Piggy with all of the little ones. Many times Piggy would try to reason with all of the boys including Jack when he would say to them, “Which is better- to be a pack of painted Indians like you are, or to be sensible like Ralph” (180).

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At this point Piggy new that everyone was turning into savages and he tried everything in his will power to stop them, It may be apparent many times when using his rationalism and intellect that he was trying to stay as civilized as possible, Though he may have poured his heart out to keep order and sanity, he was eventually very unsuccessful. Many times people may use the phrase, “Oh he is really a child trapped inside an adults body”, that seems to be the exact opposite case for Piggy. The major personality traits that he posses are those that may only a man of fifty may hold.

He is believed to be very mature, literate, respectable, intestine, and a perfect example of the rational side of civilization. However, at times his view of vat others may think Of him shines through very predominately, such as when he yells at Ralph, “Ralph! Stop Laughing like that. Look, there anti no need. Ralph! What Will the Others think? ” (156). It almost seems impossible for a person that seems to be as confident as Piggy to care so much about what others may think Of him, but then must only analyze human nature to understand this trait that is present in all living beings.

His lack confidence, however; maybe overshadowed by his intellect that he uses many times throughout his adventures. For example when he was able to come up with the idea to make a sundial This may later prove to be a useless object, but it would help the group tell time; and when he allowed the group to use his glasses in order to light the dead wood for their bonfire. With the mention of his glasses, another very important fact about Piggy’s personality is brought up.

It Seems apparent at the beginning Of his time on the island that he is very protective about his glasses, which can be apron many times by such phrases he repeats as, “My Since his specs seem o be a symbol of the power of science and intellectual endeavors in civilization is no wonder Why he would not want to protect them as much as he does. In all, Piggy contributes to the understanding of the story in the he seems to explain everything he is talking about in a sense that actually makes the reader want to understand it better.

Since Piggy represents the scientific and intellectual side of civilization one can more easily understand why he is treated in that way. In today’s society no person seems truly willing to accept things that are different. Piggy shows himself to be truly different from everyone. He himself does not turn savage so he is able to show everyone else that they themselves have turned to animals. He proves this when he asks the boys, “What are we? Human?

Or This helps the reader understand how the boy’s views and attitudes are continuously changing, and never at one time the same. With the connection that one is able to make with Piggy, since society is now a more scientific and rational civilization, it may be at time difficult for one to see eye to eye with Jack and his followers. Toward the close of the novel it is quoted Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of a true, vise friend called Piggy. ” (Chi. 12).

Here the author may be showing that Piggy’s death is also representative Of the loss Of innocence and the darkness of mans heart, as stated in the quote, a consequence of the savage instincts lurking Within all human beings, even at the height Of civilization. Even though Piggy tried to stop this from happening as much as possible, it is a fate destined to happen no matter how hard a society tries. With such a shallow yet complex character as Piggy it may be difficult at times o understand fully everything about him, and his importance portrayed throughout the entire novel.

But with a full analysis of him one may soon not only understand Piggy, but understand the Lord of the Flies as well. Having the intellectual and scientific aspects of civilization played out through one character may seem evangelism at first, but soon Piggy’s personality traits as a calm and sane individual help to relieve those overwhelming factors. To understand this novel one must understand Piggy, his adult characteristics, and his several goals.

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