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George Milton Character Analysis George Milton is a protagonist from the book Of Mice and Men. George Milton is a quick-witted man who is Lennie’s guardian, best friend and protector. George’s physical description is described as “quick of face with restless eyes and sharp strong features”. Through the main character George Milton, John demonstrates his naturalistic ideals and belief in Determinism. He is illustrated by being a rational, caring and trustworthy person whose static characterization throughout the novel.

George symbolizes the migrant worker’s way of life. He leads a nomadic existence, moving from ranch to ranch to find work. The only thing that keeps him going is his dream of owning his own ranch, although deep down he knows it is only an illusion and will never actually happen. He represents a responsible common man who takes care of another common man that has disabled with living life and reaches their dream together. Like most caregivers, George was extremely nice and caring to Lennie, most of the time.

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Milton’s rationality and concern for Lennie urges him to ompel Lennie to remove the aged mouse from his pocket only because he knows that it is not healthy for him to be carrying it around. He would lose patience at times and ramble about what a hardship it was to drag Lennie everywhere. He needs Lennie’s friendship to stave off his major fear, which is loneliness. He is loyal to Lennie because he knows that he is an innocent but outwardly his attitude is one of intolerance. George has a strong understanding of the possibilities in a situation and, as Lennie’s self-appointed protector, he has to think and plan for him too.

But deep down it was clear that their relationship was something they both needed. George’s personality often reflects both anger and understanding. He is the one who thinks things through and considers how their goals can be reached. George’s distinguishing personality traits, which he displays in the book, are compassion, cleverness and idealism. George faces various challenges throughout the novel, and Steinbeck’s vivid descriptions made his character come to life. George’s compassion played a major role in helping him overcome his challenges.

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