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Marketing management consists of the art and science of selecting target markets, rustically applying marketing strategies and management techniques to get, keep and add customers by creating, delivering, and communicating excellent customer value (Kettle and Keller, 2012). Today, marketing plays a vital role in religion. Religious organizations are, now more than ever, trying to get consumers’ attention. Correlating religion and marketing, consumers are Just as attached to brands as they are to faith. Society is used to having products that fulfill a particular need. That need is the same is expected from faith (Bulk, 2009).

Marketing and religion share a ere thin line and Joshua 1:9 addresses the relationship between the two. The scripture itself is encouraging with the proverbial message to be strong and courageous. In marketing, there are vast amounts of competition and not everyone plays fairly. When this happens, the bible encourages us to not be afraid but to be courageous. God is more interested in the processes used in an activity or business that what the actual motive is. The efforts of someone who has the wrong intention can and often do, result in a blessing. God promised Joshua that he would be with him and the Israelites to fulfill their mission.

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Without God, Joshua mission would not have been successful. This scripture reminds us that, Just as in marketing, we will have difficulties, but because God is always with us, we can face them with courage and live a victorious life. Additionally, marketing is vital to all businesses and is very competitive to achieve a great level of success. The businesses may be small like family run businesses, or large, like McDonald’s. Some type of marketing is needed to sustain the business. In marketing, key decisions will have to be made that may be considered risky.

It may lead too business continuing to be successful r it may very well create a setback. Not all business venture attempts will result in a positive outcome. In either situation, the result should never define a person or business but strengthen our faith to believe that other opportunities will come that can garner success. That is where biblical support, from scriptures similar to Joshua 1 provides the necessary foundation to face challenges. No matter what happens, we should know that God is always with us. Moreover, the scriptures provide encouragement for Christians to be honest, and ethical.

Negative marketing should never be a means to provide success. God provides blessings to those who diligently seek him in all matters. In business, many see themselves as fearless corporate leaders. How much courage would it take for a leader to embrace change or view their business in the far future? After the recessions, economists viewed America as having industries that had lost courage and had become cautious and the managers had become careful. Being innovative requires courage. Instilling a climate of courage in a business will lead to more overall business success than having a leadership who lacks courage.

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