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Idea in Othello head that Desman is unfaithful, Othello says to Ago “I know tour’s full of love and honesty’. Once Othello is so completely convinced that Desman is unfaithful, he murders her and is then confronted by Sago’s wife Emilie in Act Five, Scene Two. He says that Ago told him that Desman is unfaithful, calling him an “honest man that hates the slime that sticks on filthy deeds”. Emilie, knowing that Ago is deceptive, repeatedly asks Othello if he is actually speaking Of her husband, Ago, to Which Othello says “I say thy husband: dost thou understand the word? My friend, thy husband, honest, honest Ago”.

The simple fact that Othello so incredibly falls for Sago’s lies shows just how deceptive Ago really is. Ago is doing everything in his power to ruin and destroy Othello, yet Othello speaks of him as a dear friend. This would be the same as Jesus referring to Satan in a friendly manner, or Rocky calling Ivan Drag his best friend, or Achilles taking Hector out for drinks. Ago is pulling every string he can behind the scenes to bring Othello down, and Othello, simply put, loves him. Ago is so nefariously evil that he sees this love that Othello has for him and is till able to use it to his advantage to destroy him.

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He has no concern about what he has to do to accomplish what he wants, and is the literary incarnation to evil. He has no love for his wife, repeatedly implying and directly calling her a where, He has no love for anyone or anything other than himself, and is so consumed with jealousy that he devises a plan that eventually kills Othello and Desman. In the end, Ago has no regrets, does not want to atone for his sins, and simply decides to just stay quiet. Such an evil man cannot have a conscience, making Ago certainly a unique villain and character of Shakespearean.

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