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The link to the video worked and took other students straight to the source. I asked three short questions; prompting readers to share experiences and ideas in their responses. I had three responses from fellow students that indicate my post was engaging: Fellow student response 1: “l think we all suffer with Procrastination. I recall when I gave up working full- time, that it was going to be a time of being able to do everything that I didn’t have time to do… Well Result… I don’t think I have done one thing I intended to do… N fact when was working full-time I seemed to achieve more because I ad deadlines to meet and a limited time to do things. Today we seem to spend more time on the computer on social sites and maybe that was the time that did things like Craft or hobbies. I find that studying keeps me focused because we have deadlines and we have a time frame in which we have assessments to hand in. The saying goes: “My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. ” – Charles Dickens” Fellow student response 2: “Hi, I myself am not a procrastinator but my 13 and 12 year old boys are.

It is nothing for them to leave their homework, assignment tasks and chores until the ere last minute. It drives me insane! Thank for sharing this video as it has certainly given me some tips on helping the boys overcome some of these bad habits. I particularly like the one that is doing the fun stuff first (the goblins). Fee , I really enjoyed watching this video, it’s clever and snappy. The tips are really helpful – break it down to smaller pieces, start with the funfest part first and no singing aloud! Seriously though it’s given me some good ideas for when start to procrastinate. Ousted and thank my fellow students for their responses. Task 2 (Section 3): Learning styles – Study plan covering three weeks including eateries. I have always been the girl in class who was told off for drawing in her books and not listening properly. Having now completed the VS. Learning Style quiz, I know I am a visual learner and my drawing in class was quite possibly my way of taking in what the teacher was saying. Visual learners will gain a stronger understanding of information they have seen rather than information they have heard.

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They will need a clear overview of a task before being able to focus their attention on completing it. A visual learner may tune out when their teacher is speaking for a long period of time and may quickly forget verbal instructions. REMIT, 2007) The following strategies suggested by the Study and Learning Centre, REMIT (2007) will support me in my study as follows: Use a wall planner – This will help me to plan out my assignments and focus on what I am completing when, and how to bring all of the smaller pieces together into the assignment.

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