Classroom Management Task Assignment

Classroom Management Task Assignment Words: 602

There Is a rolling cart with a TV on It, In front of the classroom. There Is an overhead projector slating to the left of the teacher and a filing cabinet. There is a teacher’s podium to the right of a wipe off board that the students can see. There is another wipe off board on the right side of the classroom. There is a sorter on the teacher’s desk to help keep the students organized. The students desk are facing the front and to the side in the classroom.

The desks are placed back from the front allowing room for moving around. In another room setting the desks are grouped together In groups of 4-6. The desks face each other allowing more room for the teacher to move around and work more with the students. B. Len one of the classrooms observed it looks as if the students are going to be watching a video because the teacher is pulling the TV in to the front of the classroom. There is a teacher standing at the podium that must have Just finished introducing the video.

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The students are opening up notebooks and it looks like they are about to take notes over the video they are going to be watching. In the other classroom observed It looks Like the students are working on a group project. The reason they look like they are working on a group project, is because the teacher is going around to each group discussing the things they are working on. The teacher is helping the students with ideas. Analysis, Exploration, and Reasoning A. In the first classroom arrangement the teacher has It set up In a nontraditional way.

This teacher states that he prefers this arrangement because he Is able to move around and interact with the students easier. The teacher states that this makes it easier for him to help the students. The teacher also says that having the students in a group allows for them to work in a cooperative learning experience. B. In this type of a setting the students are able to be more engaged with the lesson being taught In the classroom with a nontraditional classroom setting. The students are slating at their desks and able to actively talk about the History assignment and ark together. En of the students seems to be taking notes while the group Is discussing the topic on which they are working on. This setting allows for the teacher to easily walk around and engage the students in questions about the lesson and they are able answer him. Explain the purpose of classroom arrangement as it relates to instructional design. A. The arrangement of a classroom can either work for a teacher or work against a teacher, which In the long run means It will make or break the function off classroom.

If a teacher arranges the classroom so that only Alfa the students can see the television at the front of the classroom and they use it on a regular bases then this would be a problem. When a teacher uses a television or projector on regular bases then they need to design their classroom appropriately. If the teacher likes for the children to work on group projects but yet they line the desks up then this will result In a problem, because the students will have to move to get Into their group. On the other hand when a teacher knows that they like to teach classroom runs easily.

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