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Hi, my name is Scott Randall Hines, I am a freshman at St. Cloud State University and I am from Fairmont, Minnesota. My Major at SCSU is Elementary Education. I participate in wrestling here and I really enjoy the wrestling team. In this essay I will be talking about my test results from different test we took in class, study behaviors, and what I plan to change to improve my study skills. In preparation for this essay I took several assessments to identify my learning styles and intelligences.

Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) is a test we took to identify or skills in anxiety (ANX), attitude (ATT), concentration (CON), information processing (INP), motivation (MOT), self-testing (SFT), selecting main ideas (SMI), study aids (STA), time management (TMT), and test strategies (TST). I scored 75 for ANX, 40 or ATT, 10 for CON, 15 for INP, 1 for MOT, 15 for SFT, 5 for SMI, 15 for STA, 20 for TMT, and 20 for TST. We also took a test for learning styles which are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic in my test it showed that I am a kinesthetic learner.

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The last one was for the Brain Dominance Theory which is to find out if you are a left-brain/Linear learner or a right-brain/Global learner. My results had me in the middle between the two of them. My study behaviors have not been the greatest, but for some reason I do a decent job on test and quizzes. I do have a problem with procrastinating until the day before to study or do major assignments and projects. I do feel that me being a kinesthetic learner has help me grasp a lot of concepts and ideas when I study I do a lot of doodling and I like to draw pictures of what I am learning.

There are many things that I need to work on after looking at my LASSI results. Every one of the categories in the LASSI test I need to work on especially motivation. I figure that if I put in as much time into academics as I do into my sports and the military my study skills will improve a lot. In conclusion I feel that COLL 110 will greatly help me in my study skills. Now that I have a great idea where my skill level is at now all I can so is improve and become a great student. I would like to have a 3. 0 or better at the end of the semester.

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