Ten tips on doing a writing assignment

Ten tips on doing a writing assignment Words: 528

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Now the first thing you want to do when you get the writing assignment is:

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Start early. Start thinking about what you want to do that way you can have enough time to write the paper and then revise it and now where you can get a hundred on it.

Number two is to brainstorm ideas. So right after you get the paper start thinking about what you want to do over the next couple days. Who knows, maybe you’ll be running on the treadmill on the gym, and a nice idea will pop up in your head.

Research the topic. So take the ideas that you’ve had and go online research them go to the library get some more information on that.

You can start outlining your topic. Now you want to outline your topic based on what you want your essay to be. You don’t want a shorthand if you don’t want to take any shortcuts because an outline is very important. It’s a way to organize your thoughts and to get a cohesive paper that connects.

And after that, you can start writing your essay. Now the way you want to do that is based on the outline make sure you have one thought per paragraph, and then you have a good introduction and conclusion that way you can have an effective paper.

The second half of the tips.

Now one of the biggest problems we see here is students using words they don’t know the meaning on. They go to the thesaurus, and then they look up synonyms and use the word blindly without looking at the definition.

So, the pieces of advice are:

  • You should look up the word definition that way you know that this is the word you want to use and this is the meaning you’re trying to convey.
  • A second thing is a strong conclusion. Every paper needs to end with a bang it’s a weak paper with a conclusion then it’ll be a strong paper.
  • Also, cite and reference your sources appropriately. Each professor will have different ways of sightings to make sure to talk to the professor to know which way they want you to cite the sources.
  • Also reread your paper one of the best advice I’ve gotten from an English teacher is to write your paper, wait two or three days and then go back and reread it. Now this way you can go back, and it’ll be free, it won’t be fresh, it’ll be as if you’re reading something new and you make a kind of look at it.
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