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The setting that is most suitable force in this particular situation is setting A. Y having the Title I teacher teach the lesson each day that Joe would miss from class enables Joe to still work on this assignment and work towards reaching his goals. One benefit Of Title I reading is that the Title I teacher can make this the goal Of the week for the other four children in the tutoring session as well. This could very well be an assignment that they that they could each benefit from and that way Joe is not disrupting the tutoring session by coming in late, nor is he left to try to figure it out on his own at home.

Jogs first goal is to increase the number of his written responses to reading. The tuft strategies that feel are best suitable for helping Joe reach this goal are assignment appropriate tasks and modeling desired outcomes. Assigning appropriate tasks involves giving an assignment that is suitable for the students’ age, their background with the content, their level of motivation, the type of instruction, and the time provided to complete the assignment (Version & Poole).

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For Joe, the Title I teacher would be able to adjust this assignment for Joe and the other students as needed, based on their level to ability at this time. The Star sheet also states that you should, “Plan for individual adjustments to assignments as called for by PEP or 504 plans. ” (Version & Poole). This is also a benefit foes receiving tutoring through Title I _ Modeling desired outcomes will also be beneficial for helping Joe to reach his first goal. The text states, “When students are given a model of excellence, they hue a better understanding of the goal and of the teachers expectation. (Version & Poole). Feel that it will be helpful for Joe to actually see what the teacher is expecting Of him and then the Title 1 teacher and help him meet that expectation. TO help Joe reach his second goal Of increasing his confidence in his writing, his coacher can create supportive settings and assigning appropriate tasks. The Star sheet States that, “Students need to be able to connect the tasks Of an assignment to their own experiences in learning – culturally. Academically, and personally” (Version & Poole).

I believe that by assigning an appropriate task which allows Joe to relate culturally, academically and personally and providing the best setting for Joe, a teacher can help a lot with encouraging him to have confidence in his writing, The best environment for this goal would be one of support. Allow him to relate his assignment to who he is and provide him with purport. Perhaps the teacher can let him know that there is no right or wrong information that he can provide because it is based on who he is as an individual.

To help increase Joey’s ability to read his writing aloud, the teacher can provide content instruction and timely feedback. In my strategies for Joey’s second goal emphasized that ‘Students need to be able to connect the tasks of an assignment to their own experiences in learning – culturally, academically, and personally’ (Version & Poole). For this purpose feel that it would be a good idea to make the content for this particular assignment learner-centered. According to the Star Sheet, when content is Learner-centered, “Students construct their own meanings, beginning with the beliefs, understandings, and cultural practices. o, when Joey’s second goal of being confident in his writing it met, we can then help him to gain the confidences to read it aloud by keeping the same beliefs that we had for goal two and being Learner -Centered will help with this. While Joe is writing his material and preparing to read it aloud, the teacher can provide timely feedback in order to help Joe perfect his writing to a level that he understands what he’s writing and that it will flow well when he reads it out loud.

With the assistance of Title 1 tutoring and teacher support, believe that Joe has the chance to successfully reach each of the goals set for him. I realize that this will also take consistency and patience from the teachers, but it can definitely be done and in turn, the other four students in Joey’s Title 1 tutoring group can also reach these goals for themselves. References: Version, & Poole, l, (n. D,). The Iris Center for Faculty Enhancement. Nashville: Vanderbilt University.

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