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Support Spouses in Overseas Relocations by: Introduction New workplaces are like a double-sided coin, you win some and you lose some. Add into the equation a new workplace In a new country and there’s no telling which way that experience may go. As companies expand to reach global heights so does International assignments. Are overseas assignments for everyone? Summary Employees are being assigned to International locations now more than ever and adjustments to this new life Is family wide not Individual. “New” Is always excelling but an be stressful as well.

Reports show that spouses and children of relocated employees are having a hard time adjusting to the cultural and It’s causing Issues within the marriage. Assignment failures occur largely because of their Inability to adapt to the country and the company’s inability to assist in that adjustment phase. Other research shows that a very high percentage of spouses desire to work outside of the home overseas but challenges beyond their control prevent them from doing so. As of 2012, less then of international companies have implemented a plan to offer spousal location.

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Providing this is not only beneficial to the spouse but it also removes the added stress the employee may be feeling and allows them the opportunity to adjust to their new assignment. Conclusion Companies are wasting time investing in relocating their employees and families if there isn’t an equal amount of investment in the family as a whole. Spousal relocation would be the best option for companies to ensure employees and their families are happy. This happiness would almost guarantee lower turnover amongst relocated staff.

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