International Expansion Assignment

International Expansion Assignment Words: 329

Discuss how the strategic partnerships that have experience in local markets will help to make international expansion possible. Identify a foreign market that you feel this company should enter next, and explain why it should enter that market and which of the strategies should be used. Explain the challenges from competition in the local market, and how the company might respond strategically to the competition. International Expansion

The strategic partnerships which do not only have the knowledge to succeed in an international market but also has the experience in controlling the international expansion by going on into the world economy with plenty of strength. These companies and people are very motivated to bringing the international community to a better version of the corporate market. Now this assignment will go on to explain these visions of the international market place and the new world economy.

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The Dell Corporation has plenty of the experience in both the local community and local markets as well as the international market place. Selling directly to the public has had its benefits. One of those benefits is the direct link to the internet for the purpose of marketing Dell computers to the general public, as well as selling, promoting, and making good strategic decisions. The Dell corporation is just but one of the many corporations which have been able to make the exclusive direct sales to the customer a valued expertise in promoting a international corporation.

SBE is another type of online corporation who is owned by individual partners same as Dell, only Dell keeps their CEO’s under the veil of corporate anonymity. Another words they are silent partners. SBE’s exclusive partners include world-renowned design icon Philippe Starck, photographer and pop culture luminary Matthew Rolston, and chefs Jose Andres, Katsuya Uechi and Danny Elmaleh. Each one has uniquely influenced the SBE Hospitality Collection and further reinforced SBE”s commitment to curating an uncompromising culture for guests and employees. References:

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