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Difficulty that International Students Encounter BY aloha1990 Assignment One Use the information from the Leslie and Smith (2004) survey to account for the difficulty that new international students in universities in English speaking countries encounter in their pursuit of academic success. Refer also to Endeared (2006) to support some of the points you make. As the world population grows, society is getting more competitive. Studying abroad, especially in English-speaking countries, is now common for non-native English speakers to seek for better opportunities.

Not only getting chances to live in a ewe environment, it also extend knowledge and develop various skills ready to compete with others when they are back to their home countries. However, stepping out of a comfort zone and living in a completely new place is not simple. Some people may find it hard to adjust themselves to new environment, while some people may find it easy. As survey data taken from Leslie and Smith (2004) shows, there are several factors causing difficulties that international students may confront in which they are correlated with one another.

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They can be divided into 2 main categories: ultra differences and educational systems ! The difficulty that overseas student often face with when they first arrive their new places is cultural differences. This can be in terms of language issue and adaptation to new environment in which they have positive relationship. Poor English proficiency can result in failure to adjustment. According to the study of Endeared (2006, P. 3), international students are concerned with their English proficiency as it can affect them socially and academically.

In terms of social adjustment, they find it difficult to aka new friends as there is language barrier between domestic and international students. As said by respondent 12 from the survey of Leslie and Smith (2004), he found it frustrating when he had no idea what happened. Moreover, failure to social adjustment can lead to homesickness since they have less moral support from family and friends who live in another country. In terms of academic experiences, language ability limits overseas students to understand lectures fully (Endeared, 2006, P. 2).

They also take longer time to study or to complete a task (Respondent 1 1, Leslie and Smith, 004). Apart from cultural differences, educational systems can also cause difficulty to International students. It can De classmate Into 2 sun-categories: teaching style Ana learning style. From research done by Leslie and Smith (2004), teaching style in students’ home countries are completely different. Back in their homeland, the relationship between teachers and students is quite formal. Teacher’s roles are to teach and to give information, therefore, students need to obey and always listen to what teachers say.

Whilst, in most English-speaking countries, teachers tend to be ore open-minded and classes are based on participation. With different teaching methods, international students need to adjust themselves to new learning environment. They have to get involved in classrooms where they need to think more analytically and critically in order to discuss in group. This brand new experience can create difficulty as it is unfamiliar and more of “cultural rather than linguistic” (Endeared, 2006, P. 3). To conclude, 2 main categories which create difficulty that international students encounter are cultural differences and educational systems.

These 2 factors are related positively. If one is overcome, then another will be diminished. Therefore, universities should have a program to help overseas student regarding this issue in order to remain the number of overseas students in their universities.

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