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Successful operation phase includes the following feelings and behaviors: – The ember firm grip on the process of personal development, team. – The members understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. – Self constructive changes – The ability to confront and solve the problem. – There is inextricably linked with teams. Now, the team has really become a close alliance and effective. You will have more time to chat with people when your team reaches this stage because then you start having the ability to complete a lot of work with ease.

But do not stop there, all are developing and changing so after a period of successful operation, the team will appear new conflicts, new waves. Now, if I look at the wind and waves to accept it and solve it to form a new benchmark, the team will continue to operate successfully, but in a new step, a new higher level. However, if the team did not dare to look straight at the truth, do not dare to change while maintaining the old norms, the old habits will lead to failure 5. ADJOURNING After achieving a goal or completing an assigned task, a group may have no reason to continue. So, members will leave and close their group. . Brief explanation of how I gather/generate the data First and most important that I have to read Group development theories of Tuscan in “Working in Groups” book, beside that, I combine it with the listening and understanding the explanation from my teacher and my classmate’s presentation . I collected information on the internet , , I also analyses and appreciate to select necessary information, avoid overlap and make sure every data clearly. C. Analysis 1. Forming My groups has 5 members, we are Tune Ann., Huh, Sang, Train and The© Ann.. We started work together about 1 month ago in subject called working in group.

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We come from 5 different cities, 5 different personalities, 5 different hobbies. In the first working together, we spend a lot of time to talk, chat, and make the rules for group… And we have many different of thinking: Excitement, hope and optimism, proud to be selected for project implementation, proud to be selected for project implementation, alignment with the caveats, doubt and anxiety about job, defines the task and how to complete that task, Identify appropriate behavior in teams, decide what information to collect. We talk about our goals, objectives, etc.

Sang become a leader of my group because he the most responsibility, studies hard, always prepare members however sometime he so reticent. And we think how can we work together because we are so different… 2. Storming After forming stage, we named our group is M. O. B with slogan “we are your parents”, 4 men in group are “father” and Train – only girl of my group is “mother. Everyone can see 5 member in my group have never conflict since M. O. B was established. M. O. B is a special group, in which , members happy, harmony and have a magical connection between “pa”, “ma” in group, so we never conflict. Our M. O.

B skipped this stage for our group. 3. Morning Rules are made based on friendliness, open-minded and frankly and think hat is necessary to maintain stability and working attitude of each members in group. In this time, responsibility of leader is very important and Sang do it very well, he is equilibrium of M. O. B. We established and maintain the basic rules based on friendship as a family, so it is very difficult to be broken. 4. Performing In this time my group reaches the performing stage, all member assume appropriate roles and work productively. We work enthusiasm, initiative and positive for the team’s overall success.

We work together really easy, we understand everyone and have a good leader. Sang also know the way to improve the working morale of us. We often have a party at the end of the assignment and in the end of month. This thing motivates the cheer of us very well. We work together smoothly, members know what to do, other expect to be like, specific, accurate and highly consistent. What I personally do not seem to, in each of which is a different spirit, team spirit, they are the perfect piece and harmony to a masterpiece. 5. Adjourning My group will disintegration when “Working in group” course finish in next month.

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