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Analysis of Team Charter First I would like to define the word team. The team in the Webster’s dictionary is described as a group of people linked in a common purpose. Teams are especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity and have many interdependent subtasks. After reading my Teams Bio’s over I realized that we are very different individuals. Considering how different my teammates and I are we all bring unique qualities to the team.

After completing the Team Charter, we learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses. My teammates and I had to complete a Personality Assessment, which revealed to us what type of personality we have. The Personality Assessment revealed my personality as ENFP which means I am people oriented, creative, and highly optimistic. Beverly’s results revealed that she is reserved, creative and highly idealistic. Last but not least Beth’s results revealed that she has extroverted intuition with introverted thinking.

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Finally we took the “Do I Trust Others” Assessment, which revealed how we trusted others. My score was low indicating that I am not that trusting. Beth and Beverly’s results were similar revealing that they both are trusting. All of the Assessments we have completed were really a strategies given to us, to help us work better as a group. It also helped me to understand the things that would hinder us from succeeding, as well as the things that we as a Team can help each other accomplish.

As a Team I believe that the Learning Team Charter will help us improve our collaborative skills and for me my listening skills. Chartering is described in the Learning Team Handbook as the procedure by which a team meets at the beginning of its process, to describe its mission or task, sets goals, and secure commitment by members to the achievement of goals, make its plans and allocate its resources. By following the charter my team and I will greatly increase the success of the team.

Following the team charter will help to minimize conflicts that come naturally as a result of miscommunication. Personally, I feel that my teammates and I will work great together. We all have trust issues, but on the plus side we are willing to trust each other’s ideas and we will value each very good listeners, and that is great because I am not that great of a listener. On the plus side I believe that their great listening skills will definitely rub off on me, and I am ready. Each of us rings an equal amount of creativity to the table, which is great because you can never have too much creativity. We all will contribute to group in our own ways as well. After looking over the team charter I pretty much know how I will contribute to the group individually. For starters I am very people oriented, creative, highly optimistic and kind of trusting depending on the situations. Being in this group is good for me because it requires listening and I really need to work on them. As for ground rules go with the team, we all have agreed to keep the lines of communication open.

We have all agreed that communication is the key and if we plan on doing great we will have to communicate as much as possible. Each of us has certain expectations of each other since the completion of the team charter. As far as a leader is concerned, my group and I have decided to all lead each other in the areas we need to lead in. The easiest way to see that power is not played is to share the power with everyone. By doing it this way we are hoping to avoid the whole “to may chiefs and not enough Indians” scenario.

The feedback that we receive from each other will be taken as positive for growth purposes not as negative. In conclusion I predict that if we stick to the Learning Team Charter we will be successful. I think that companies would not have as many problems, if they would use Learning Team Charters. The Learning Team Charter, in my opinion serves as a great ice breaker and as a great way to achieve team success. References Web link: Do I Trust others Assessment, Working with Others section WEB LINK: How good are my listening skills, working with others section

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