Internationals for Women Managers Assignment

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Works Cited International Marketing Position Paper: Women-Pro Women Managers Should be Considered for International Positions Anywhere in the World Throughout most of history women have had fewer rights and career opportunities than men. Women’s most significant professions were thought to be wifehood and motherhood. In today’s American society, women are becoming more involved in the business world than they have ever before. It is now uncommon for women not to attend college and get a higher level education.

This allows them to acquire higher level positions at their places of employment. Upper level management positions were once monopolized by males, but now women are beating out men for these highly sought after positions because they are simply more qualified. While the United States has embraced this change, some countries are not too thrilled about the shift in the ranks. Men or Women: Who’s the Better Leader? Companies Need Female Managers Barriers for Women Foreigner’s Prejudice “There is a myth that foreigners are prejudiced against women expatriate managers” (Adler).

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However, almost all of the women managers (97 percent) were successful on international assignments. This success rate is considerably higher than their male counterparts (Adler). There are advantages to sending a woman to do international work. Foreign clients are curious about women, and they want to meet them. The foreign clients remember them after theirfirst meeting. Women also have the advantage of being easier for foreign clients to talk with compared to their male colleagues. Foreign clients might also receive special treatment not given to their male colleagues.

There is a term know as the “halo effect” which explains how women managers sent internationally can be seen as a positive from the foreign clients’ point of view. The foreign community that the woman manager is sent to is “usually highly aware of how unusual it is for North American firms to send women managers abroad”(Adler). Local managers therefore assume that the women expatriates would not have been sent unless they are “the best” (Adler). Organization Support Family Support How to be successful

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