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The main objective of the project is to evaluate and analyze the Human resource department activities of the national carrier of Cyprus- “Cyprus Airways”, to find the strengths and the weaknesses of the system and to find out how “Cyprus Airways” keeps pace with the competitive environment of the airline’s industry. The objective of this assignment is to describe and critically assess the main activities that are carried out by the HR department in Cyprus Airways.

Human Resource Management is considered as one of the major factors that differentiates successful and competitive organizations from unsuccessful ones. A Human Resources Department is responsible for conducting job analysis and generating job descriptions and specifications, in order to identify and determine in detail the duties and requirements of each job and to establish the correlation of employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation and performance appraisal according to the position. Mello, 2005). Human Resource managers need to work about the lifelong of the organization and having as a goal the greatest production. Adopting a strategic view of HR, involves considering employees as human “assets” and developing appropriate policies and programs as investments in these assets to increase their value to the organization and the marketplace. (Mello. 2005). Staffing, training systems and financial incentives are some of the HRM functions that often set one company apart from another.

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It is crucial to match practices within these and other areas to the strategic goals of the organization. Some of the desired outcomes from all these practices are to reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and profits of the company. {text:bookmark-start} 4. 1. History of the company {text:bookmark-end} {draw:frame} Your trusted airline The company was founded on the 24th September, 1947 with an authorized capital of CY? 250. 000. By the early 1970s Cyprus Airways established itself as a full international carrier with its own tour operating company, Cyprian Tours Limited.

New services were added to the network and booking offices were opened both locally and abroad as well as representation abroad. It also introduced e-commerce, a channel through which people can access flight information, make on-line reservations and purchase tickets on line at times convenient for all. Cyprus Airways is the island’s national Carrier and has route network over twenty-eight destinations, linking Europe with Middle East and the Gulf. Cyprus Airways owns and operates an efficient fleet comprising of two Airbus A330, two Airbus A319 and eight A320.

Apollo (Business) Class and Aphrodite (Economy) Class incorporate upgraded in-flight service compared to that of the best international airlines. In November 1983 Paphos International Airport was opened, and Cyprus Airways began operating a number of special flights to this alternative airport. 1984 marked the beginning of a new era for Cyprus Airways. The delivery of its first two Airbus 310s provided the airline with wide-bodied aircraft and it was the beginning of a new fleet equipped with the most technically advanced aircraft in the aviation world. Cyprus Airways was one of the first airlines to specialize in conference and incentive travel market and has formed Co-operative and marketing agreements with other airlines such as KLM Alitalia Gulf Air Syrianair, Aeroflot, LOT and SN Brussels in order to provide its passengers with global travel facilities. In 1991 a number of new destinations were added to the company’s network, and the company also entered an agreement with KLM whereby Cyprus Airways would undertake joint flights on its A320’s, in cooperation with the Dutch airline, between Amsterdam, Larnaca, Amman and Damascus.

The agreement followed its policy of seeking strategic alliances with major airlines, and demonstrated that Cyprus Airways’ operations were perceived to be of a standard comparable with leading European airlines. During the years of the nineties Cyprus Airways has concentrated on improving customer service, reducing costs and on improving its marketing strategy. http://www. cyprusairways. com/main/default. aspx? it=1&tabid=88&itemid=330 {text:bookmark-start} 4. 2.

Vision and Mission {text:bookmark-end} To be dynamic and responsive to change allowing them to compete aggressively in all facets of their business; their service both on ground and in the air will be recognized as caring for the individual. They have as a goal to put customer at the center of everything they do. Also to achieve recognition as an exceptionally caring, hospitable and friendly airline through the provision of outstanding, customer ‘ oriented service.

And this will be achieved by competent staff and providing the necessary climate for positive interpersonal relations and effective team work. {text:bookmark-start} 4. 2. Products and Services {text:bookmark-end} As part of the strategic plans to enhance its product, Cyprus Airways decided on improving the services and facilities offered on board the aircraft. A new audiovisual entertainment system was installed on the Airbus A320 offering travelers a variety in music and films to watch on board.

On the ground, the Call Centre was introduced as part of a customer management scheme giving Cyprus Airways customers daily access to travel information. The Sun jet Executive Club provides its members with services and facilities of the highest quality, including the use of the modern and spacious Apollo VIP Executive Lounges at Larnaca and Paphos Airports. {text:bookmark-start} 4. 4. Objectives {text:bookmark-end} Some of the priorities of Board of Directors of Cyprus Airways are the consolidation of harmonious labor relations and the maintenance of continuous and long-term industrial peace.

They see this as an indispensable pre-requisite for the survival and future growth of Cyprus Airways one that has a direct impact on the best interests of the Company, its staff, the island’s tourist industry and the Cyprus economy. They also conveyed a message of optimism for the future of Cyprus Airways and stressed that with close co-operation between the Board, the Management and the staff, based on mutual consensus, collective action and hard work by all concerned, all challenges should be overcome and a new chapter in the history of the Company would be opened. ttp://www. planespotter. org/? app=airlines&pid=view&oid=917 {text:bookmark-start} 4. 5. Structure {text:bookmark-end} As regards the organizational structure of the company, despite small amendments made in recent years, it currently features several layers of management, and decision-making that is centralized to some extent.

The basic features of the new proposed structure are: As regards the overall reorganization of the company’s structure, as well as a revision of departmental procedures and working methods, the action plan considers reform necessary, based on doing away with rigid, outdated bureaucratic procedures, in order to increase Cyprus Airways’ effectiveness, reduce staffing and increase the quality of the services offered, with particular regard to speed in serving domestic and foreign customers.

To achieve this goal, the action plan sets out indicative measures relating to the following departments/services: • cutting staff in the export department • restructuring the general accounts department • abolishing two jobs in the ULD (containers) department; and • Allowing operators to fly both types of aircraft owned by the company (‘mixed fleet’ flying) http://www. eurofound. europa. eu/eiro/2004/10/feature/cy0410102f. tm The action plan proposes training and human resources development measures, with a focus on: • staff hiring procedures and selection committees • staff education and training programs • introduction of new evaluation methods http://laiki. stockwatch. com. cy/nqcontent. cfm? a_id=25&lang=gr&code=CAIR&compcode {text:bookmark-start} 5. Methodology {text:bookmark-end} The focus of this paper is the analysis of human resources activities of Cyprus Airways, based on topics covered in Human Resource Management course of the MBA program.

A literature review was conducted by reviewing secondary data sources from books and various data sources found on World Wide Web (see References). Reflecting the theoretical concepts a list of questions was developed in order to reveal HRM practices of CA. Based on this questionnaire (see Appendix 1), a structured interview was held with Mr. Panagiotides, Head of HR department of Cyprus Airways to obtain primary data. Companies website www. ypursairways. com was extensively used to gather additional information. Finally based on theoretical concepts and authors subjective opinions, a set of recommendations is offered for enhancing the effectiveness of HRM practices in CA. {text:bookmark-start} 6. Human Resources Activities {text:bookmark-end} {text:bookmark-start} 6. 1. Equal Employment Opportunities {text:bookmark-end} According to Robert L. Mathis and John H.

Jackson, Equal Employment Opportunity is a board concept holding that individuals should have equal treatment in all employment-related actions. Individuals who are covered under equal employment laws are protected from illegal discrimination. Discrimination is the recognition of differences among people. For example race, sex, religion, color, national origin, physical or mental ability, medical condition or age. The principle behind EEO is that everyone should have the same access to opportunities.

At Cyprus Airways Ltd, managers encourage all employees / team members to build up their careers and are focusing on increasing the diversity of their workforce at all levels. Furthermore Cyprus Airways is looking for workers with knowledge, skills and abilities to perform jobs without excluding individuals with disabilities in the workforce. They apply general policies that evaluation equal employment opportunities to everybody according sex,

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