Women Expect Less Money Than Men When Entering Wor Assignment

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It is true that women indeed expect to earn less money than men in most cases. And the author put forward a reason why women decide lower salaries is for they’re less likely to be aggressive when they have opportunities to raise their salaries, leading them to ultimately accept lower-paying jobs than men. However, from my point, this view is controversial. We can’t say women have few enterprise when they prepare to enter in a organization. Len fact, women who posses high university degree occupy a larger part than their male peers,especially in the art and social work field. But why women still predict less salary than men?

Women actually have enough abilities to be competent in a number of fields such as science and engineering ,which males are traditionally dominated. While most of women are lack of confidence when they graduate and plan to find a relevant job, and there exist some possibilities that they believe it has a kind of discrimination among females and males. This discrimination has spread for many years. In the past, most women were arranged to stay at home, feeding their kids and cleaning the house, and men were able to work in many crucial positions. This circumstance invoiced women that their prime assignment is to look after the whole family.

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As this article illustrated women have less initial salaries expectation even for those women who have least five-year work experience, it also existed some issues in this view. I think this view is too general. Based on another website”Ball&COMPANY”, it found that “nearly half of all new women employees aspire to top This evidence can explain women actually have enough confidence to pursue high salaries at the beginning of entering a company. It is not similar to what the article has presented that women leaving university expect smaller paychecks than their ale counterparts.

This article has lots of subjective ideas which have no truly evidence to proof that women have less initial salary expectation than male peers. As to those female practitioners who work for least five years, their salary expectation is exceeded by males. Could it be said that they are actually inferior to men with ambition? From a website “INSIGHT” , it told that “within five years, 34 percent women still hold that ambition; this compared with 16 percent of men who begin their careers confident they will reach the top and remain so after two or more years of From this article, I have seen an alternative idea. Ant judge which view is correct,while know that gender can’t determine peoples fate, women should believe they have abilities to earn more money. In conclusion, in my opinions,as is illustrated by some above examples presented, firstly that women wouldn’t like to predict higher salaries than male peers is not caused by less ambition and negative attitudes toward salary raise. While their few confidence and traditional thinking have no appetite to expect higher salary than male . Len the second part,l think it is general for what the author illustrated, and I listed mom opposite instances against to what the article has told.

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