Stereotypes: Black Women vs. White Women in the Media Assignment

Stereotypes: Black Women vs. White Women in the Media Assignment Words: 759

In today’s society, there are intricate and subtle racial patterns in the mass media that show how powerful images play a significant role in shaping the attitudes of Whites toward Blacks. White Americans, they show, learn about African Americans not through personal relationships, but through the images shown by the media. . In short, they conclude that although there are more images of African-Americans on television now than ever, these images are often harmful to the prospect of unity between the races.

With the advancement of technology such as advertisement, there has always been a stereotypical view of how women are portrayed in the media. For hundreds of years, women have been viewed as sexual objects in the eyesight of many people. And for that women have fought for equality, recognition and an identity for them to prove that they are just as capable as any male. However, it seems to go even further when there begins to be a difference of how White women are viewed incomparably with Black women. There have been many opposing arguments of which race (black vs. hite) has been more inferior of women being represented with both decency and respect. “While Black actors are now more visible in films, it is an open question as to how well they are being represented. Compare, for example, how Blacks and Whites are portrayed in the top movies of 1996: o Black female movie characters shown using vulgar profanity: 89% o White female movie characters shown using vulgar profanity: 17% o Black female movie characters shown being physically violent: 56% o White female movie characters shown being physically violent: 11% Black female movie characters shown being restrained: 55% o White female movie characters shown being restrained: 6%” http://racerelations. about. com/od/stereotypesmentalmodels/a/blackimage. htm Relating to the previous quote, Halle Berry is a profound African- American actress who has played in many movies. She has played in movies such as “Losing Isaiah” and “Die Another Day”. Berry has won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her role as Dorothy Dandridge in “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” in 1999.

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But it took her role in the movie “Monster’s Ball” to become the first African American women to ever win an Oscar. In one particular scene, in order for her to have obtained such an astounding award Halle Berry had to degrade and sexually exploit herself in the movie. Many white actresses before her have won numerous awards. They themselves did not have to subject to such a role to win a prestigious award like the Oscar. Nonetheless she deserved this outstanding award but has is it come to a point that Black women must lose their dignity and self respect to be acknowledged for their hard work in the entertainment industry? The Huxtables” was the first television show that portrayed African Americans as an upper middle class family that was positive, successful and well rounded in all aspects. Clair Huxtable was the mother of five, who had a thriving career as a well educated attorney who balanced work and family outstandingly and most definitely had no time for nonsense. So for the first time an African American leading lady was indeed well represented and was looked upon as a role model by many. Since then according to www. associatedcontent. om, on television you only see few types of black women; “the loud, dark complected overweight female, the light complected sexy thin female, or the dominate female. ” http://www. associatedcontent. com/article/314907/black_women_and_media_historical_vs. html? cat=47 Black women are given roles and images of who they are supposed to be either from the perspectives of the whites or from males in general. Black women are also seen as being poor, struggling, divorced or have a whole bunch of “baby mama drama. ” This is strongly seen on TV shows like Jerry Springer and Maury.

Women go on these national TV shows, feeling that it is the best way to find who the father of their child is. At times this results to multiple men taking paternity tests and for many the outcome is negative, still not knowing who the fathered their child. Thus, leaving the child fatherless and the women looking like whores. But not until now has there been an image like Clair Huxtable. Michelle Obama who is the wife of Senator Barack Obama, the first African American man to run for presidency, is the first Black women to be compared to the role of Clair Huxtable. She is alluring, intellectual, carismatic With her strong willed

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