Trial from calpurnia’s point of view. Assignment

Trial from calpurnia’s point of view. Assignment Words: 1117

That day was like any other day in my life Except that miss Jean Louise and mister Jim, were really astonished about trial. At the court about Tom Robinson and of course that is Very gloomy, but if they would spend more time With Tactics, maybe they wouldn’t be that depressing and…. I think from the beginning Tactics always had a sentiment that Tom Will be find guilty. Remember asked why, but he said that just people think that if they were born white that is giving them some privileges in that life.

And they can’t even recognize that we all were born free in the eyes of California is pie ready? -Almost, ma’am. When it will be ready, I will let miss Jean Louise bring it. -Good, but check that she will wear a dress, like a lady. Oh am fully reflected and this “lady” she always want something and in no way want to do anything. Just like Scout before school. But she has very good model right in front of. Tactics can teach her, how to understand people, but she is too pig-headiness. -Hello California! I am so tired. Yesterday me and Gem we were so upset.

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You know Cal I still can’t understand why jury found him guilty, Tactics showed that Eels was drunk and when he saw that Male was kissing Tom. And when Eels called Mr.. Tate and said that he raped her and why Tactics is so composed when Eels spit him! If I would be on Tactics place I’m sure would scold him.. -Miss Jean Louise you shouldn’t use that kind of words, like rape, if you don’t know What they mean. And thanks god you are not in Tactics shoes. -I know What does that word mean and I’m not a child! Have my own opinion. -Yes, but you need to learn a lot….

And pie is ready, your aunt want you to wear a Reese, like a lady, because now she has mission, So think you enough smart, and old to help me to bring that pie and not to fall in the middle of the room. Eccentric girl I know her since she was born, but still occasionally I think that in that small head happens something that is too hard to realize for people like me. Remember one day she was so barmy and it feels that she is ready tort the tight. Think because of pressure and, hearing that her father being called a ‘Niger- lover’ for defending Tom.

Sometimes kids can’t even comprehend how easy is to nobody’s hurt feelings. But scout is really sturdy and I’m sure she can handle “… Showed that he was drunk… Male was kissing Tom… And why jury found him guilty… ” And really Why? He would still get convicted for the reason that it was an all white jury. Because black people weren’t supposed to care about white people? This gorgeous statement- all people are equal is wrong! We are not equal we are just trash Of that world. And… No maybe Tactics was right, but not all, only whites.

No, mister Finch you are right, but alas not always. Cal you should save me! Aunt Alexandra is so angry at me, because am not smart enough to speak with Mary Meriwether about poor mourns . California occasionally really don’t want to be a lady, and I can’t understand why Aunt Alex all the time wants me to sit with them and read. To be in the kitchen with you is much better No, your Aunt wants only well for you. Maybe… K I will go upstairs and maybe Gem woke up already. – And I will go to the church.

And after I will make something to eat, And make sure that Dill will come home on time. Ms. Rachel has something to say you all. In Macomb, I spend roughly all my life. But sometimes I feel that I’m new here. Can’t Understand them. Ms. Maude says that trust is the biggest price for work. But it’s only words: it has nothing to do with Macomb. Macomb is an old city, With Old history and unfortunately Old rumors, like every third Meriwether are morbid. You can’t be alive in that kind of city, because even if PU are not yet born they all know What kind Of person is going to be.

Strange, last time in a church when Lily said that we are different from Finches and all whites, recurring that we all people and we are equal. Why? We are not he same, we are diverse we were born only to help whites and be slaves. When Will come back home. ћhome no if we are diverse so we have different homes. No… Need to speak with Tactics. I am lost. -Hey Reverend! -Morning Miss. Cal! Haw’s mister Finch? -l think he endowed that Tom would be found guilty, but he did everything that he could do. Need to think and only one place Vichy I know is church__ so let me meet you here. Hear our prayer which rises to YOLK from within these walls and which longs to express to You their affection, their sorrow, and the great need they have of You n their tribulations – above all, in the loss of freedom Which so important for us. O Sacred Heart Of Jesus, make us love Thee more and more! Our Lady Of Hope, pray for us! SST. Dismals, the Good Thief, pray for us! -Nice day miss Call -Yes Sykes! Like walking it gives time to realize. But sometimes I wish that journey would be much shorter. Time is going faster than it should be and am lost, and need Attic’s help to understand. – Good day Caligula! Where are Gem and Scout? They went for a walk. Tactics I need your help. Do you remember what you aid in the court? That all people are equal think it’s wrong because blacks are different and we were born only to help whites and be slaves. We have even different church. Why? – All people are equal. They were born equal and they Will die equal. It’s no matter do we have black or white skin. We all have brains, now people can’t understand that, but am sure on our age we Will see some famous actor or politician. Not all have same religion, but we all have god. And animals, no so all people are equal. We were born equal and someday we all Will be equal.

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