Lailani’s point of view Assignment

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AMA taps Net for enrollment updated March 222002 – 12:ooam 0 9 googlepluso O Everything in life has virtually gone electronic, including enrollment for a college education in today’s cyber age. Check out “My AMA” online. The Web-based enrollment at AMA Computer University (AMACU) introduces a fast- paced, mobile and highly interactive method of enlisting oneself for a college education.

My AMA features a pioneering Online Enrollment System, which includes basic nformation that an enrollee would surely want to know like admission requirements, enrollment schedule and start of classes. This automated enrollment method will liberate students from tedious waiting in long lines, subject availability queries, loads of forms to accomplish, and inaccurate assessment of fees. So how does a student enroll online? The My AMA hyperlink is a mouse click away once a student logs on to the main homepage of AMA Education System’s official website (wrww. ma-university. com). Upon entering My AMA, a log-on name and password, which the student will use for his or her entire stay in the school, will be provided once he or she has accomplished a short electronic admission form. A validated log-on name and password will allow the student to view onscreen the various courses the university offers. After the student has chosen his or her preferred course, the subjects required and available for that course and the corresponding matriculation fees will automatically pop up with another click.

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For students already enrolled, the log-on name and password bring windows of privileges like instant access to information like campus events and suspension of classes, or even get results of exams or an update of their grades. Parents can also monltor tne scnolastlc perTormance 0T tnelr cnl children’s log-on name and password. laren wltn tne use 0T tnelr enrolled “In the soonest time, AMA will venture into myriad modes of information access using new technologies.

As My AMA is now being accessed in electronic format, it will also be available via telephony &#1 50; one merely dials a phone number and immediately inquire, transact and enroll, or go wireless by way of Short Messaging Service (SMS),” said Paulo Noel Pale, AMAES VP for information technology. AMACU is tapping the limitless possibilities that new technologies can provide students, as it has done so in the past 21 years. – See more at: http://www. philstar. com/networks/1 54782/ama-taps-net- enrollment#sthash. JvLNkL33. dpuf

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