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Traditional Classes A debatable topic today is online classes vs. traditional classes. Recently, I discovered the downfalls to online classes. I always thought online classes would be so convent for the single working mom. Unfortunately, my eyes were opened to the realization that I was in way over my head. In my opinion online classes are definatly inferior compared to traditional classes because of complicated network problems, the low level to practically no level of student teacher interaction, and a serious lack of accountability. I have never been more frustrated than my online class this summer.

I sat down at my laptop feeling so excited to be a modern day student. As I began my frustration grew and grew as I encountered one network problem after network problem. I was sent from one link to another, and yet again another. Until about two hours and a few handfuls of hair later I had finally arrived at my site. Now this is where my confusion really began. I looked over my homework assignment and decided to attempt to do it. O got threw about three questions and needed to refer back to my textbook for some help, but of course my book was online.

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So I had to click and scroll for about thirty minuets, by the time I found the example I couldn’t get back to the question section. I finally arrived and in the process of entering my answer the lovely Arizona monsoons had knocked me off line. It was at this moment that my advisors voice was going thru my head “You’ll love the convenience of online classes. ” Ah yes, this was much more convenient than a traditional class. This is just one example of why online classes are a poor choice for education. Even a motivated learner may not have the patience for these difficult network problems.

Lack of teacher and peer interaction is detrimental to the learning experience. In the traditional class not only is the teacher available for questions and feed back but also fellow students can share advice and enhance your learning experience. This however is not an option online. In addition, a traditional classroom teacher will teach various learning styles. Whereas the Internet only reaches visual and auditory learners. With the lack of accountability online it is much too easy and tempting for a student to cheat.

There must be a system to guarantee it is actually the student earning the grade. This is not a comforting fact to think that we are sending students out into professional careers that are not truly qualified. I hope the next time a mechanic fixes my car he wasn’t schooled in an online class. Admittedly, online classes can be advantageous to some people. For example the full time worker. However, if complications arise he will be directed to seek help at the student-learning center, so inevitably the student will end up on campus.

Thus, voiding any benefits to online classes. Furthermore, many people believe that online classes will take less time. In actuality the student may find they have a lack of self-discipline that is required for online classes. It is so easy to get behind on online assignments. So, instead of naively signing up for an online class. Be sure you have the patience for the network problems you will encounter, as well as the lack of interaction and accountability that come with online classes.

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