Enclosure in the 1780 in Britain (in the Point of View of a Farmer) Assignment

Enclosure in the 1780 in Britain (in the Point of View of a Farmer) Assignment Words: 341

I think that enclosure has its pros and cons. The benefits from enclosure will help some of us only. If we enlcose land, the strips which are combined into larger bloscks may be more productive than before. We will get more food. We could grow what types of crops we want. The roads may also get better as we would have to travel to our blocks of lands. There might be less weeds growing as we would use all the fields. However, enclosure is bad for some. The poorer farmers will end up selling their lands to rich landowners, when they cannot afford the closing expenses of the fields such as buliding hedges and a farm house.

Some farmers do not have the legal documents to prove to the parliament that the land is theird. Those who worked and made a living from odd jobs such as taking care of the animals, pigs and fallow land will loose their jobs. They may be moved out of the village as they don’t own any lands. They might have to go and work in the factories. The villagers will loose their right to graze their animal on the common. They also cannot take timber from the wood land, as those lands will also be enclosed. But the villagers animals would not get mixed together and spread their diseases to each other.

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We could also use new methods of farming, new fertilizers which could produce more food. We could also do selective breeding and produce more fodder which could help the animals survive through harsh winters. They are also some benefits. Enclosure may cause a huge revolution in all our lives. Many will have benefits and many may not. Over all, I think that enclosure may be a bad idea as it would cause changes in prices of food. The prices may become higher which may cause many other problems in the future. So i think the lands should not be enclosed, I hope the other farmers agree with me.

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