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In 1770, he was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and he later served as chief legal counsel to the Patriot faction and wrote several important resolutions for he lower house in its running battle with Governor Thomas Hutchinson. He also wrote a penetrating essay on the need for an Independent Judiciary, and his Novellas letters are generally regarded as the best expression of the American case against parliamentary sovereignty. By the mid-asses, Adams had distinguished himself as one of America’s foremost constitutional scholars.

The year 1774 was critical in British-American relations, and it proved to be a momentous year for John Adams. With Parliament’s passage of the Coercive Acts, Adams realized that the time ad come for the Americans to invoke what he called “revolution-principles. “4 Later that year he was elected to the first Continental Congress. Over the course of the next two years no man worked as hard or played as important a role in the movement for Independence. HIS first great contribution to the American cause was to draft. In October 1774, the principal clause of the Declaration of Rights and Grievances.

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Adams also chaired the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence, he drafted America’s first Model Treaty, and, working eighteen-hour days, he served as a en-man department of war and ordnance. In the end, he worked tirelessly on some thirty committees. “Every member of Congress,” Benjamin Rush would later write, “acknowledged him to be the first man In the House. ” Shortly after the battles at Lexington and Concord, Adams began to argue that the time had come for the colonies to declare independence and to constitutionalism the powers, rights, and responsibilities of self-government.

In May 1776, in large measure due to Dame’s labors, Congress passed a resolution recommending that the various colonial assemblies draft constitutions and construct new governments. At the request of several colleagues, Adams wrote his own constitutional blueprint. Published as Thoughts on Government, the pamphlet circulated widely and constitution makers in at least four states used its design as a working model. Dame’s greatest moment In Congress came In the summer of 1776.

On June 10, Congress appointed a committee to prepare a declaration that would implement the following resolution: “That these united Colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent states; that they are absolved, from all Allegiance to the British Crown; and that all lattice connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved. ” On July 1, Congress considered final arguments on the question of Independence. John Dickinson argued forcefully against independence.

When no one responded to Dickinson, Adams rose and delivered a passionate but reasoned speech that moved the assembly to vote in favor of independence. Years later, speech, that it “moved us from our seats. ” Adams was, Jefferson said, “our Colossus on the floor. “(2) John Adams was a very inspirational and encouraging person; it was no one but God that kept him so sane and strong. Although John Adams only served one term he was able to do what would have taken some others in his position more than Just one term.

Unfortunately, John Adams does not get the praise that he deserves even though he was the one that persuaded Americans that they need to break away and get free from England. For Adams to seem as such a working man who never has time for friends or family he still found to write essays, which were placed in newspapers. His work was first published in the Boston Gazette and was published on January 23, 1775. In America, John Adams works were published as pamphlets, but in London they were published in abridged form. His essays were signed Novellas, and they were a reply to other essays signed, Incautiousness’s.

John Adams did not know who the artist of Incautiousness’s was but he had a very strong feeling that it was Jonathan Swell, later he discovered that his antagonist was Daniel Leonard. Many believe that John Adams played a role in the Boston Tea Party, but in actuality he had nothing to do with the Boston Tea Party, only thing Adams did was approve it. He felt it had seasonable motives, was very bold, and should be marked as a big moment in history. Adams believed British wouldn’t respect the colonist rights unless someone forced them.

That’s how John Adams became one of the four most important Patriot leaders in Boston. After the Boston Tea Party, King George Ill grew highly furious because so much tea was destroyed and he closed the whole Boston port. Not only did King George Ill close the port of Boston but he was so extremely upset that he suspended all town meetings in Massachusetts’ colonies and instead of having Boston listed as he capital of Massachusetts, he made Salem the capital. King George Ill wanted these new rules to stay enforced until Boston could find a way to pay back all the tea that they decided to waste.

Since the post was closed some people of Boston went with out Jobs, making it harder for the people to pay for the damaged tea. Due to Bostonians going hungry and businesses suffering, they resisted the laws King During these times, John Adams met George George Ill put into action. Washington and Henry Laurels; all three of these men believed that the people should resistance and become free of all the British tyranny. Their was a meeting called The First Continental Congress, where the delegates came to the conclusion that the colonies would still support Boston, despite the actions made by British Parliament.

There was to be a second meeting the next year in May. At The Second Continental Congress, John Adams met George Washington. John Adams had awfully low patience, he felt that it was time to become independent of Great Britain, only problem he had was that his delegates did not feel the same way he did. His partner delegates felt that instead of being independent of Great Britain, they should get along. John Adams wrote a lot of letters, as I stated earlier, but this one letter he should have kept unwritten.

John Adams of course opposed what the other delegates thought so he wrote a letter to his friend insulting one of his delegates. Needless to say the letter was never delivered to his friend, because now John Adams was known for bashing his own partners. The British plan was to make John Adams look ruthless and force the delegates to separate. The British plan actually worked. While, the delegates of the Continental Congress were separated, John Adams wrote letters with his wife, Abigail Adams, they expressed their views about women and men equality.

Abigail believed that women were equal to men but of course John Adams disagreed. John Adams felt that women should stay at home and work around the house, while the men went out and did their part in society. In spring of 1776, George Washington finally got the British out of Boston; he brought great Joy to his Patriots and Philadelphia. On June 7, 1776, Richard Lee of Virginia spoke and said that the 13 colonies were independent of the British and totally independent. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and two other men were chosen to make the new declaration.

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