Dove Campaign for Real Beauty: Positive Media Influence for Women Everywhere Assignment

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty: Positive Media Influence for Women Everywhere Assignment Words: 609

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is both inspiring and challenging. It helps women learn to think outside of the media’s twisted view on beauty. Women see an unattainable image of beauty in the media and Dove is helping to remind women they are beautiful in their own way. Dove also helps young girls build better self-esteems with their self-esteem fund. The Campaign funds resources that educate young women on being positive about their bodies, and also uses “real women” in their advertisements.

The women we see in today’s media images are so airbrushed and touched up the beauty they represent is unattainable. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty shows in their evolution video how the in advertisements they distort images to make them “more beautiful”. The woman in the video was beautiful before she was “made over” but the advertisers airbrushed and tweaked her picture so much that it didn’t even look like the same woman. Everywhere women turn they are bombarded with images of women that are extremely thin.

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Many of these women are unhealthy because of their low body weight. Women and especially young girls look at these images and criticize their own body and become unhappy with their bodies. Dove is showing that women that they don’t have to be thin to be beautiful. In one of their advertisements for their firming body wash, they used “real women” that were not professional models. All of the women ranged in age from 20 to 60 and they all had varying body types. The women were the photographed in just their underwear.

All of the women were interviewed after the photo shoot and all of them said they had a positive experience. This advertisement actually shows real women in a positive way. This hopefully will be the gateway to other companies following the same ideas. The Dove Campaign For Real Beauty has established the Dove Self-Esteem fund, which creates resources that help young women establish positive attitudes towards their bodies. It’s nice to finally see a fund to help young women build positive self-esteems.

Too many magazines aimed at teens and young women have negative body images throughout their pages and even on their covers. Many have “fast diets” or “amazing exercises” that will “tone your body”. Many have titles like “Make your Man Love You”, and the article will be about ways to make yourself more physically attractive to men. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is a positive influence in the media. It shows that beauty is not only skin deep and you can’t just put beauty into a single mould.

It shows women that every woman is beautiful in her own way. The Campaign also shows women they can be beautiful at any size and at any age. It challenges other forms of media that distorts beauty and create unattainable beauty. Women now can look at the negative beauty images in the media with a critical eye. Women now know thanks to the evolution commercial that the final products that they see in magazines and commercials have been distorted to the point where it’s extremely false.

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is an important aspect in today’s society. It helps women build positive self-esteems and helps them feel comfortable with their bodies. Hopefully with the help of Dove the media will stop creating unattainable beauty and start using real women and stop air brushing. This campaign show young girls to love their bodies no matter what. With the positivity of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Women everywhere can start to build positive self-esteem.

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