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The individuals who might live on the streets of Toronto or ATA in a shelter, abandoned buildings. Identification of the instability of an individual’s living arrangements is essential to the definition of homelessness. With this growing issue the cognitive and mental stability is greatly affected. With that said experiences on any level are proposed to be negative. If you are not homeless you have a home and you are working and contributing your part of the structure to support the government. If you are homeless its more than likely you lost your dignity and sense of contribution.

This point connects to our social analysis; we saw that this type of retirement is neologisms society based. We decided for the point Of this discussion to homelessness as a “class”. This model perpetuates homelessness because capitalism ensures that the rich get rich, poor get poorer, eliminate middle class etc. , this means that unilateralism will keep the homeless class where it is and/or expand it. Values of competition – within the homeless class, its no longer an economic competition; it’s a survival competition. In this case, the problem of homelessness is again being perpetuated by unilateralism.

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Assumptions about human nature People can earn reason – if we interpret this, as people are able to improve, the unilateral model supports a reduction in homelessness. This means that a government that follows this model views homeless people as those who can eventually leave their economic position. People are moral, rational, competitive, and cooperative – this applies to both how homeless people interact and possible models to use to help them. Ex, homeless people will be moral, rational and cooperate with each other but at the same time be willing to compete for resources.

On that note, we can give the homeless class a second chance to pick themselves up to allow them to build skills to get back into the work force. Not only homelessness just proposes negative experiences it definitely does affect the mental health of a person. We can advocate for the homeless and reach Out to gain sponsors to provide medical support for individuals that have been affect this way. This support from the community would be more beneficial than going to the government with this issue. A homeless individual who takes a minimum wage job will start to regain their dignity and respect for themselves over time.

They will no longer need to live on the streets and could slowly start to provide for themselves. The question is do they really want to live on the street if you have a chance to make them better? Instead of really fighting and getting back into the system they give up because it is easier. With knowledge and having the right support system we can work to change that and make them really want to find and seek their dignity again. As a group we concluded that volunteering to support and derive those who are homeless is a great way to start an action plan.

We know its monitory thin the Toronto school board to obtain 40 community service hours prior to graduating from grades 9-12. So we came up with an idea. We would allow ourselves to be perceived as a homeless person on the streets in Toronto to really walk in their shoes. We would fulfill the stereotypes held within being homeless by dressing as though we are homeless, acting as though we are homeless and feeling as though we are homeless. We would allow adult volunteers to carefully watch the student volunteers as this action plan occurs.

We know that the students’ safety and danger would be a big once especially for kids in grades 9 and 10. We naturally assumed parents would question the protection of their child so we concluded that without parent consent individuals in this grade would participate by other means. Including volunteering in soup kitchens or other forms Of support toward homelessness. When we participate in these social actions we will also be learning and educating ourselves on homelessness. We as a group get to see first hand how it affects those who are homeless also how fortunate we are not to be in the same position.

We thought it was a perfect opportunity to allow the concerned parents to volunteers and see why we wanted their child engage in such an intense project. This will give them a sense of peace as they watch their child and assist in homelessness first hand. They will be more assured their child is 100% safe and chaperoned. We chose this action plan because a member in our group had stated her experiences with a religion retreat, which she attended in grade 12. She had gone to Toronto to see firsthand how homeless people live, how difficult and how much it can affect NY person.

She had the opportunity to visit the safer areas of Toronto where homelessness is clearly shown. She had been introduced to certain persons who were in the struggle of being homeless and who were able to escape and build their dignity back. In which, we decided to give a similar social action plan for this assignment. In conclusion, we now have an effective action plan. As we stated, we viewed this predicament as a unilateralism based society. We have seen that if you do not contribute to society in any Way especially financially your social lemmas will not be of importance or priority to the government.

The assistance and support needed to tackle homelessness isn’t being provided because homeless people do not contribute to society, but this is because they simply cannot contribute without the guidance and support we could provide. We can summarize our action plan as simply as a “retreat” to seek education and hands on proof of how homeless people have to live and how it affects them so vigorously. This is beneficial also because this experience counts as community service hours needed in high school prior to graduating.

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