Leadership Individual Assignment

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The objective of this assignment Is to offer you an opportunity to demonstrate you learning by how you analyze and propose to resolve a leadership problem. Assignment Identify a leadership problem that you are interested in analyzing and solving. The problem should be relevant to leadership. The problem should be a specific, instead off general problem.

For example, you may examine a conflict that actually occurred, motivating of followers to do a specific organizational task, setting of an important goal for an assignment, leading of a high performance team or work team, management of a specific globalization problem like convincing some local employees, changing existing organizational practices, understanding and implementing a new management or organizational policy, etc. It is a requirement that you described what actually happened (organization’s and individuals’ names are not necessary).

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You may certainly adopt a format that you believe befits your problem and analysis. As long as you can provide a write-up that Is succinct, well- tortured, logic and convincing, the format is not important. In this assignment, you may adopt different formats. Following are two suggestions. They are only suggestions. Format 1: Write a brief description of the problem (usually a short paragraph), explain why the problem is important, discuss why and how the problem occurs, and suggest solutions and an action plan for resolving the problem. A general outline may be similar to the following: l.

Statement on the key Issue(s) that you are analyzing, components may include: A. Given the management philosophy of my manager xx (pseudonym), how can he succeed in leading our unit,’team to achieve the new target set by my company? B. Why is this issue important? II. Observations of key management practices: Describe what happened A. Give some information on the manager and his philosophy, new target, company and your unit. B. How to define success In this case? Ill. Analysis of the relationship between the manager’s philosophy and success: Examine the relationship between the practices and the outcome A.

The proposed allegations between manager’s philosophy and success B. Defend your analysis and insights (or theory) IV. Implications A. How to successfully utilize a philosophy like managers? What are the conditions for successful duplication? B. What lessons have been learnt? V. Action Plan A. Design an action plan for your manager B. I look for Indications that you have exerted some effort in understanding the problem, Identifying the promoting and restraining forces, developing some actual be good enough if you have a couple of forces and two or three important steps and goals.

Format 2: If you would like to focus on developing an Action Plan to help you solve an action problem, you may treat the Action Plan as the center piece of your assignment. In this case, provide a detailed Action Plan and the main text of your assignment would be explanations of the key content of the Action Plan. L. Action Plan II. Explanations of Action Plan contents A. What is the vision? When problem is this vision a solution to? B. What is the motivation? Why is this vision important? C. What are the key action steps? Why is the timeline reasonable? D.

What are the eye promoting and restraining forces and how to leverage or deal with them? E. What resources are needed and how to obtain them? F. What are the specific goals and why are these goals important? In your write-up, you may apply relevant concepts, theories, tools and cases to strengthen your reasoning. You may be creative in using tools. For example, we discussed SMARTS goals in the context of motivation. If you deal with building effective team problems, you may consider using this tool as part of your solution. We discussed personality of leaders.

Again, you may consider how the OCEAN model r narcissistic personality may help you identify key personal characteristics of team members. Specifics Format: Essay except for the action plan. For the action plan, you may use bullet points to outline key steps and explanations under each bullet point. Suggested Length: 2-3 typed pages, single-space, 12 point font size, to be submitted via Model. This is only a suggested length, your assignment may be shorter and longer as you see fit. Requirements: A good report is not necessarily a long one. Instead, be succinct, meaning including discussion of the most relevant issues only.

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