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When problems arise with the network, or the software, how can they be identified and resolved? How do we set up an IS group to solve problems and help users? (4 marks) 4. How has Rebook been hampered by its information system? (2 marks) 5. Write a report (10 marks) to management that describes the primary cause of the problems, a detailed plan to solve them, and show how the plan solves the problems and describe any other benefits it will provide.

Use Porter’s Value Chain and Competitive Forces models in your analysis of the cause of the problems. Use labels on the diagrams (4 marks) that are specific to this case, not just generic labels from the textbook or the Internet. Include explanatory text (4 marks) to support your labeling of the diagrams. General Comments Assign meet Structure The assignment should be written in the form of a business report, with the following characteristics: It should start with a report title and table of contents.

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The title immediately tells the reader what is the subject of the report. The table of contents can be scanned quickly to get an idea of the approach taken in the report, and where to look for particular content. The body of the report should start with an Executive Summary. This should fit on one page, and capture the essence of the report. In some assignments, a Recommendations section should also be included. Look for authorities to quote, using footnotes, and use a bibliography to list any references.

Use headings and sub-headings to structure the report. This helps to put your comments into context, and give them relevance. The reader starts with some understanding of what it is you are setting out to say. Use diagrams and tables to represent concise representations of complex ideas or data. The specific requests asked for in the assignment Be sure to respond to each specific request made in the assignment. In the overall sense, the request is for an analysis of a case study, so the answer needs to be written in those terms.

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