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Respecting professor is a way he did greatly in class to ingratiate professor. For example, he goes to class 30 minutes early before class beginning every day. I asked myself why he keep doing like that throughout semester because it is not necessary to come early and he can have more time to sleep. He not only come to class early, but he also do all home works in class. Eventually, I find out he lives far from school, so he has to come early just in case he does not come late if he get traffic. In addition, he never interrupt during class beginning. He always ask at the end of class.

For example, unintentionally when the professor makes a mistake and talks negative thing about his religion in front of class. Even he knows professor is not allowed to talk like that, but he does not tell anything until at the end of class. He just waits professor in an office to deal with her when all of students gone. Finally, he came a point in professors eyes for all of things he did. Especially, he is extremely enthusiasm in class. He always participate to activities event in class. For instance, during congratulation, he stayed in front f class with his big ripped yellow t-shirt to make joke.

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Everyone could not stop laughing because of him. Furthermore, he tried to invite everyone in class to sing a song with him at the end of the congratulation. We actually could not believe how can he does in front of class without shyness. Finally, with all things he has done in our class. Everyone agreed we had an excellent congratulation. Effective time management is the most successful of his skill. For instance, He was organized in order to handle many homework. Every day, he usually go to library to finish homework after class to submit assignment when he is required.

Especially, he shared with about daily living at home. He never want go to bed later eleven o’clock and he said he had been in bed late for several times. By the time he could not concentrate in class. Even we did not like each other, but he still remain impression in my mind. When I transferred to high school, I began realize I beginning do all of skills like he did. He joined any activities in school and has a positive attitude in learning. In my mind he is a good example for other students to have a positive attitude.

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