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Use an agenda or keep a to-do-list to keep track of your important appointments and all the things you need to do. If you use the time you have efficiently, you get more work done which results in a greater satisfaction. NO more stress about last minute assignments or exams. Secondly, a topic that many students may overlook is their own physical and mental health. Students often tend to consume caffeine and fast food more than others, often because of the time constraints they are facing. This results in lack of nutrition and decline in one’s health condition. Students need a lot of energy to study effectively.

The same goes for sleep. The human brain needs sleep to consume all the information it has been given that day. Also, sleep is important for the mental state of a person. Not enough sleep and emotional instability can result -? in the worst case – mental illnesses which is these days unfortunately not one of those rare cases anymore. Furthermore, it is advisable that if you feel you have many emotional conflicts, to do meditation once or twice a day. Finding some time for yourself and empty your mind of the worries you have can really help a lot to avoid stress and stay more positively in life.

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If you can combine this with a regular workout, that would be even better to keep the stress at bay. According to a recent survey published in the American Journal of Health Promotion by researchers at the University of Minnesota College students that completed 20 minutes of intense exercise three times a week were less likely to report poor mental health. The study surveyed more than 14,800 students from 94 universities across the country about their exercise habits and moods (Robertson, 2013). Finally, no matter how busy one may be, students should make time to enjoy or relax every day.

No time for enjoyment can be detrimental to one’s effectively and creativity. One hour of watching a movie, playing a game or taking with friends can take a student’s mind of the pressure of school. The University of Minnesota study also found that students who spent more than two hours with five or more friends a day experienced the same benefits of students who regularly exercise (Robertson, 013). Students can find satisfaction by doing the things they love and keeping relationships intact, which will make them happier overall.

The know-how of preventing stress can be crucial for a student’s life to live it to the fullest. Most students are still young and eager to discover the world’s possibilities, but at the same time they have to face reality and think about their future careers and other things they want to get out of life. Therefore it is understandable that they face a lot of hardships. If they manage their time ell, stay healthy and make time for enjoyment and relationships they can most likely enjoy their student lives stress free.

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