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A high school campus is composed of many types students. The students come from many different academic backgrounds, they have different academic goals, and each an every student has a different attitude towards education. High school students vary from those who want to get an education to those who attend school just to satisfy their parents. Out of the many variations, there are always three students that can be identified at every high school. There is the clueless student, who never has any idea bout what is going on around them.

Many students are procrastinators, and rather save the last minute of time to complete loads of work. In every school there is always a perfectionist. This student is very conscious of everything, including all the little insignificant details; and will never submit anything that does not meet extremely high standards. There are a couple things students with these personalities can do to avoid or tone down this behavior (include? ). There are many types of high school students with different academic attitude (awareness? , but the most common are the clueless, the procrastinator, and the perfectionists. Every student in their academic careers has either had a class or been paired up with a clueless student. The clueless never pay attention during instruction, and are the first to ask, “What are we suppose to do? ” right after the teacher thoroughly explained the directions. This student is most likely dozing off during class, and causing disruptions with their incessant snoring. There are some that may look as if hey are engaged in the class, but have completely zoned out.

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These students are also referred to as ‘blondes’; which correlates to the misconception that blondes do not know anything. To avoid being that one clueless student, there are a couple things a student can apply to their lives. Make sure to get a good night’s sleeps every night. Set up a bedtime routine to be sure to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. A student will be more likely to concentrate and stay focused if their mind is well rested. Eat a healthy breakfast that will pep the stomach full to maintain focus; there is not anything more distracting than an empty stomach.

Also, get rid of any distractions. A mobile device or even a scrap of paper can be a distraction that will inhabit concentration. Many students are aware, but do not attend to tasks until the very last minute. These students are the procrastinators. When a big project is due these are submit the assignment, but it is sloppy and a big portion may be incorrect. Mostly because the student nearly completed the assignment a few hours before class pulling an all-insight. Procrastination is a habit that is not easy to break, but there are a couple tricks a student can use to overcome this problem.

A student can promise themselves rewards if they complete a task; like a pastry or a juicy burger. They can set up benchmarks, therefore every couple of days complete a small amount work on an assignment and by or before the due date the assignment will be completed. Also, while completely assignments eliminate distractions and focus on just the assignment because these distractions will become excuses to stop irking and cause one to again fall into the cycle of procrastination.

Aside from the students that are unaware, aware to an extent, there are those who are just too aware. The students that obsess about every detail being of prime perfection are the perfectionists. Perfecting small details wastes much of their time and makes getting things done a much harder than it needs to be. Students that are perfectionists are very competitive and do not want anything else than to be the best. These students are extremely rd on themselves especially when they fail to receive excellence.

They tend to have goals that are unrealistic as they attempt to reach these goals they get depressed from disappointment. Nothing is wrong with wanting to be a successful student, but earning one B in a class is not the end of the world. To cope with this habit one must be able to accept that mistakes will be made. Do not look at mistakes as failure, but as opportunity to grow and learn. At every campus there are many different types of students, but many have few things in common.

There are many types of high school students with different academic attitude (awareness? ), but the most common are the clueless, the procrastinator, and the perfectionists. In every class there is a student unaware of what is going on around them, a student that starts and completes their tasks at the last possible minute, and the student that sets unreasonable goals but despises failure. We all know someone with these habits or we may exhibit these habits ourselves, but we must not let these shortcomings of ours to prevent us from achieving our goals.

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