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One group, The Socks, which are mainly the athletic, and show off type of people. Now am not saying that all Socks are like this but most of them are. They like to wear nice clothes for example new jeans, a Mike T-shirt, and some Mike shoes. If they are not wearing jeans then they are wearing athletic brand sweatpants or shorts. The reason say that they are show offs is because since they are the athletes they are also very well-known, in other words popular. They all like to look nice in front at all times even if they are just wearing sweatpants.

In my first semester of college I had a history class with some athletes. One of them actually ended up sitting right next to me. Didn’t think anything of it because it was my first semester I was open to meet all sorts of new people. In that history class we had to take notes every single day and then our test would be off those notes. If you didn’t pay attention, you could easily get lost in the lecture. Well this athlete that sat next to me liked to talk a lot. The professor would also give us writing assignments usually before a test.

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Every time a due date for a paper came up he would always ask me, “hey did you get your paper done? ” every time, it never failed. Well for some dumb reason I gave him my number. Every time he tested me he asked about homework, in other words he wanted answers or he would want me to do it, but never did. It annoyed me so much. One month into the semester and already was annoyed by someone. What surprised me the most about it was that he was an athlete and I just did not expect that out of him. So again I am not saying that they are all like that but I encountered more than one person like him.

My second group is the suck ups. Suck ups usually try to be the favorite student. They will come to class super early and try to have conversations with the professors or they will ask questions about their homework from the night before. They will complement the professor on any little thing about them, hoping that they’ll get easier grading from the professors. They ask obnoxious questions that they already know the answer too and hope that they will make themselves sound smarter. They sit in the ere front and make sure that the teacher is noticing that they are paying very close attention and listening closely.

This type of student participates far too much and inputs her opinion on anything even when they haven’t been asked to give their two-cents on the topic. In my first semester there was a girl in my English class. The professor would make us write different types of sentences and when we were done she would call on us and have us read out our sentences. Well this girl would write her sentence down and then ask the teacher If she was doing it correctly when she obviously knew she was. She would laugh at any little thing that the professor would laugh at, even if it wasn’t funny at all.

This girl would get there early and would remind the professor what day it was every single day. This semester have a girl in my algebra class and every day she will go up to the teacher before class and after class and ask about anything. If she doesn’t understand something, she makes sure the professor looks at her so that she can get help after the lecture. There will always be suck ups. In my opinion, I think that is just something that sticks to you from a young age, and honestly sometimes I onto think they even realize how bad of a suck up they can be sometimes.

My third group is the Over Achievers. Most people either like them or cannot stand them. They try to be the most perfect they can be in everything that they do. These students are determined to do their best and are determined to succeed. A lot of them will come to class really early or stay very late or both. They try to go above and beyond in everything they do. If they have an assignment due they usually turn it in well before the due date. They are always prepared for class. They are always dressed very neat and never look like bum.

Over achievers also like to ask questions in class and are always very attentive. Most of them have a planner and are always organized no matter how many things they have going on at once. Most people think that are naturally all geniuses, and that could be the case, but really they are just more organized then most people. They have a better balance when it comes to managing their time efficiently, and for that reason they always make everything look so easy. In my second semester of college, had a girl who sat by me every day.

We soon started talking and helping each other out on homework. Well it didn’t take us long to become good friends. Every time we had to take notes or had to turn in something she always ask me if I had got it done or if I wrote down the notes. It pretty much got to the point to where I started calling her mom. We always joked around about that. I wouldn’t consider her a full on over achiever but she was pretty close. I always appreciated when she would ask me if had got my homework done, it gave me more motivation. She got behind just a couple of times but, she always caught up right away.

I was happy that she was in that class with me, because it was a class that did not interest me at all and she helped me get through it. In conclusion there are very many types of people and always will be. College is a place where we really start to notice how everyone is different. I talked about the Socks, who think they are cooler than everyone else, the suck ups, who always have to be one their teachers tail, and last but not least the over achievers, who will always succeed in everything they do. This is why we are unique because we are all different in our own way.

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