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Jesus (Christianity), Dalai Llama (Buddhist) Humans could be more than humans. More delve 9. Scriptural religion All these religions began with oral religion First scriptural was a decade after Jesus died. Disciples try their best to remember the word of god and write them down. Objects of worship. Thought to carry sacred powers. 10. Fundamentalism Similar to spiritual religion People take these literatures literally “Hinduism is the dominant religion of India” Problematic because of the three statements: Hinduism, religion, India. They’re not arms that originate from India.

Each one of them suggests uniformity and consistency that does not actually exist. When we study the religious traditions of the East, we must accustom ourselves to: Diversity Discontinuity Difference The “Hindu “and hence “Hinduism” are of Persian origin from around the 12th century CE. Assonant dharma = “eternal law’ Eternal duty until they attain liberation Observed life after life. (Reincarnation) Siva or Vishnu. “Talks” = forehead markings The word “religion” derives from the Latin “Relived’ Outsider vs. Insider Insider knows things that the outsiders will never know and vice versa.

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In India: Muslims = 100 mil Sikhs = 20 mil Christians = 20 mil Buddhist = 3-4 mil Gains = 2 mil Zoroastrian = few hundred thousands Origins of India: Indus Valley Civilization (Lost civilization) Aryan Indus Valley civilization: The name India was named by the outsiders to refer to the land surrounding the Indus River Barbara = indigenous term for India In the sass, India attracted the hippies from the West, seeking mystical experience and enrichment from the Indian sages. What makes the idea of India problematic is hat it may suggest greater cohesiveness and unity than it actually exists.

Indus Valley culture flourished between 3000-1500 BCC The Indus Valley civilization may have spanned over one million square km Most important of the excavating sites are Enjoy-Dark and Harp Concerned with procreation and purity Worship male animals as a way of incorporating their sexual powers Female reproduction powers were also regarded as sacred Female principle may have been revered as a goddess Purification practices, meditation, and the well-organized cities suggest the importance of order and restraint So who are the Aryans?

Not highly organized They were nomads rather than settled agriculturalist. Aryan languages evolved into the Sanskrit, the official language of the Hindu religion The Sanskrit word for God is Dave, akin to the English words divine and deity. Almost everything we know about them comes from a collection of writings known as the meaning the religions of the Veda The words of the Veda, according to traditional conviction, were revealed to ancient seers called “rights”

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