Harm the Environment of Air Pollution Assignment

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HARM THE ENVIRONMENT OF AIR POLLUTION 1. Harm to human health and animal life on earth: ????????????Air pollution on the human body and animals primarily via the respiratory tract as well as direct effects on the eyes and skin of the body. They cause diseases such as suffocation, acute pulmonary edema, a number of irritating contaminants for coughs, asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer, causing bitter tears, cause allergies, itching on??skin, urticaria, stone dust and asbestos dust causes lung … Are some of the most dangerous air pollutants cause cancer.

The impact of pollutants on respiratory strong or weak, in part dependent on their solubility in water. If contaminants are soluble in water when the air we breathe, we will dissolve the liquid in the airways and impact on the agency. Nature into the lungs of a variety of pollutants has been linked to the presence of the aerosol in the air. Normally these contaminants do not penetrate deep into the trachea and bronchi, but thanks to the aerosol absorption which can penetrate deeper in the lungs and until the alveoli.

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Environmental pollution of air increased the proportion of people suffering from respiratory disease (pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis), lower respiratory disease (pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis), neurodegenerative diseases, diseasesheadaches, heart disease, skin diseases, eye diseases and allergies. In environments where the air is more polluted as the proportion of infected adults. In general, animal husbandry and wildlife are sensitive to air pollution is greater than man. In some major industrial countries, some animals have perished because of environmental pollution. . Harm to the plant: Most of these pollutants in ambient air have adverse effects to plants, causing adverse effects for agriculture and horticulture. Expression is making slow crop development, especially photochemical smog has caused great harm to the vegetables: lettuce, peas, rice, corn, fruit trees and other rooms??lan. The components of environmental pollution in the air as sulfuro SO2, HF hydrogen fluoride, sodium chloride, NaCl, the vapor or dust from the manufacture of copper, lead, zinc, dying …

Especially the gas coming from the lime kiln??, hand-baked bricks, even if their concentration is low also slows the growth of plants, high concentrations of gold leaf work, as fruits are flat, cracked, was punched and higher level??the fruit and leaves were falling, necrotic. The type of rock dust clinging to tree leaves many also affect plant growth because of reduced chlorophyll contents of the process of plant photosynthesis. These plants have flower buds turned down on the ground are less affected by dust pollution than plants with flower buds to the sky.

However, there are pollutants is good for plants, is to enhance plant growth, especially for algae such as phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon. 3. Damage to the material: In general, air pollution has negative effects, materials, textures and furniture and damaged equipment immediately. The air pollutants such as SO2, H2SO4, chloride, the sol air … make steel rust and damage the weld metal and construction materials quickly. Therefore, reducing the life and works to speed up repairs.

The stones used in construction will be damaged if the air contains more CO2 because the CO2 is high humidity will combine with moisture to form carbonic acid H2CO3, we causticity,??forming long slit trench on the rocks. The copper oxide pollutants, sulfur oxides have negative effects for textiles, paper and leather. With the advent of supersonic aircraft noise pollution has caused a very dangerous aircraft. The supersonic blast emits the sound (sound bombs) with high pressure in excess of 100 N/m2.

The explosion sound is capable of building structural damage such as broken windows. 4. The effects of pollution on climate: Environmental pollution of air without adversely affecting the climate of the region but also affect global climate. Affect the global climate is reflected in the formation of the greenhouse effect of CO2 levels, global temperatures increase, raising sea levels or the ozone hole phenomenon, umbrella protects life on??Earth from ultraviolet radiation from the sun destroy …

Here are some of the effects of pollution on local climate. a. High temperatures: Daily minimum temperature in urban areas than rural high around 2 – 5oC and mean annual temperature is generally higher than 0. 5 to 1. 3 oC. It is caused by fuel combustion and the production process by the method of processing large amounts of heat radiating heat already in the atmosphere, and surface area of ?? uildings, roads, yards occupy much, they draw picturessolar surface has more trees in the countryside. On the other hand, vacuum thermal evaporation in the city less than in rural areas. In contrast, the relative humidity of the air in cities than in rural low 2-8%. b. Reduced solar radiation and increase the cloud: ??????????????The smoke dust, smog pollution of urban air absorption effect from 10 to 20% of solar radiation and reducing visibility, ie reducing the transparency of the atmosphere.

The dust, the aerosol produced by the operation, traffic and human activity released into the air can create condensation nuclei of water vapor in the atmosphere. Water vapor deposition in urban areas is often greater in rural areas from 50 to 10%. Based on the scientific and technical achievements today humans can actively control a variation in climate as methods of reducing artificial fog at the airport, making artificial rain, meltHurricane …

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