Fall Syllabus Assignment

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A “lab cycle” begins on a Thursday and continues on Friday and the following Monday and Tuesday. The same material will be covered in each lab during a particular cycle. The first lab cycle will begin on Thursday , Septet. 4th. You must attend the lab for which you are registered unless you have an excused absence (see page 4). If you miss a lab for one of these reasons, download a lab switch form (posted at the course website), fill it out, and have your instructor sign it; you will then be permitted to attend a different lab during the same lab cycle. 1 Course Material Required:

Statistics for Business and Economics, 12th De. Enclave, Benson, Cinch. Prentice Hall, 2014. A new textbook is bundled with the Math software and data CD. However, should you purchase a used textbook (or older edition), you must make sure it has the data CD with it. Math Access Code (Software): Math is the online software used for homework assignments. An access code to the software may be bundled with a new textbook or you may purchase it separately at www. Math. Com. A good scientific calculator for simple computing. Please note graphing calculators and cell phone calculators are not permitted during exams.

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Optional: Minutia software license. See “Computing” section of the syllabus for more detail. Course Website http://www. Duel. Due/assai Course Objectives MAMMOTH is part of a two-semester statistics sequence designed to fulfill degree requirements for any major requiring two semesters of statistics. Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 1 . Appropriately summarize data numerically and graphically. 2. Identify the relevant population characteristics in a problem. 3. Identify the variable(s) of interest in a problem.

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