Damsel in Distress Assignment

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Good Greetings, We are very grateful to God who bestowed us with the will to complete this assignment about ‘Nestle Mill’ regarding our subject ‘Introduction to Marketing (MISTAKE)’. We would like to thank our beloved lecturer, Sir. Gang Chin. In this assignment we assess the importance of the marketing strategies for the international firm, Nestle. We have analysis of how a product’s sales are driven by brand name, weighted for market leadership and the ability to cross the national borders. The buyers are not aware of the origins. The prices of a product reflect the proper value in the consumer’s mind.

So the idea of using the strategy to lower prices is not always a good idea to penetrate the advantaged economies and to pay the costs for the unknown quality of their goods. A special thank you to all the people involved in making this assignment successful: Do Mini Lavender Sun Jeremy Shad Nestle initiated its operations in Penman, Malaysia as the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in 1912. After being successful in sales, Nestle expanded its operations in Fettling Jay, Koala Lump in 1939. Nestle Malaysia now manufactures its products in 8 factories and operates from its head office in Fettling

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Jay and six sales offices nationwide. Mill is a milk beverage mixed with malt and chocolate. It was produced by Nestle and originates from Australia. It was created by Thomas Maine in 1934. Now, Mill is manufactured in a vast number of countries including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, India Japan, Jamaica, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Sir Lankan, Taiwan and Trinidad & Tobago. The name Mill was derived from the famous Greek Athlete, Mill of Cartoon for his legendary strength. Damsel in Distress By Shad-Argali

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