Marketing Tool Ps of Nestle Assignment

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It consists of all nutritious and healthier In a new nutritional profit of Mill such as ACTING-E expedient pack. * Mill Wafer bar striking design. It consists of all the and PROTOCOLS ;n an Mill wafer bar made with the layer of crispy wafer and scattered with Mill kibbles power needs on top. It consists of ACTING-E and it has 3. 6% of our each day (based on 200 Kcal). This Is the most preferable of Mill products by the children. 1. 1. 3 Product nutrition Nestle Mill is a chocolate malt drink that contains of nutrition that produces energy that is needed daily.

Nestle Company is required to have the marketing tactics and at the same to achieve the health outcomes. The nutrition substance In Mill Is suitable for children and adults. The present formulation hillside’s health and it is convenience to bring along. ACTING-E is the mixture of 8 vitamins and 4 minerals that provide energy that the body needs. Besides that, Mill contains Calcium and Magnesium that produced energy and nutrients for strong bones and teeth. (Nestle Oceania, 2008) 1. 1. 4 Product Packaging The Mill’s Nestle Company have a nice and simple packaging that can be purchase in the markets.

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There are many types of packaging, such as 3 nil packaging, the egg of packaging the free with 50 g, the ready-to-drink package and many more. The packaging of Mill is mostly in plastics and tin. Nestle, 2009) 1. 1. 5 Product Recommendation In product recommendation, Mill is able to produce their product more diversity by adding new flavor. Mill is required to produce a less sugar concept to make their product line more efficient. The consumers that are on diet will prefer the choices of the low sugar ones.

Besides that, the Mill beverage can added some other flavors in it to attract more consumers to purchase it, such as vanilla, mango and strawberry. It will make the consumers think that the product is unique with the additional flavors. (Stevens, 2009) 1. 1. 6 Product Branding Branding is the collection of quality that consumer expect from the product, which will definitely influence their purchasing patterns. They will buy the particular products if the brand is well-known. The Mill brand is treatable and it promises the consumers on benefits.

The success of a product is depends on the brands. Mill is the brands that are build up many years, everyone knows this brand and it is affordable. Branding enables the marketers to build extra value into products and to differentiate them from the other competitors. (Kimberly. S, 2009) 2. Pence Nestle Company has most affordable with the price. Nestle Mill has produced finished products might be have the possibility to keep the costs and price competitive. Nestleg’s managerial have to set the prices that are affordable by the lower level and middle income of the consumers.

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