Explore the stages involved in producing a good college Assignment

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Before you start an essay you should make sure you know what is needed in the essay, such as the rod count that is needed for the essay and how words you are able to go under or over the word count. The next Step in the process Of producing a good essay is to analyses the title, is very important in understanding what exactly the essay should be about (Palmer, 2004). A good grade essay, for example merit and destination will come from a well-planned essay. Excellent planning of the essay allows the essay to stay on point and flow well.

Cottrell, (2008) proposes that a good way to get started when planning an essay to raw a spider diagram to help get all the ideas for the essay down on paper. All essays will have the same layout. The structuring of an essay should be, the title, introduction where you will intrude the essay and it will include the main points of the essay in, main body which will develop the essay then the conclusion to conclude the essay this should not include any new or addition information that is not already stated in the essay.

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The interdiction and conclusion should both be ten percent of the essays word count (Cottrell, 2008). Taylor, (2003) indicates that time keeping is one of the most important skills when writing any academic work. Time keeping is an important skill as it allows the essay to be at the best standard possible as it will not be rusted. Time keeping is also important because if an essay is not in on time the mark of the essay may be capped at a pass. On the completion an academic piece of work before handing in you should proof-read it. It is very important to do this process of the essay carefully.

To proof-read a written material is the final ND essential step that must be taken before a document can be considered fully completed (appearance, 2001). Cottrell,(2008) outlines that the importance in proof-reading is to make sure that no mistakes have occurred, the essay realties to the title and stays on track. Proof-reading also enables the academic writing to be read out loud to make sure the piece of writing makes total sense. Once that part of the proof-reading process and the overview editing has been completed, it is time to search for errors in spelling, word usage, grammar, and punctuation.

NO academic piece Of writing should be handed in if they is any of these errors (appearance, 2001). When writing at an academic level it is essential to show the sources that lead to the ideas and information of that piece of writing, this is why we reference. Referencing also allows the reader to be able to find the original source to read themselves. Above all these the main reason of referencing an academic piece of work is to make sure that the written piece is not plagiarisms (Cottrell, 2008).

A bibliography is a full reference list of all the sources which you have insulted in preparing a particular piece of work. Both types of lists should be organized alphabetically and laid out in the same way. Most courses in the university use the Harvard style of referencing. However, many subject areas have chosen to use a different system. (beds, 2013). F-dieback is a kind of response to your work. The main feedback you will receive is formal feedback. Formal feedback well be a response to your assignments, you will gain this feedback from your tutors (Boldly, 2009).

All feedback is a crucial part of tidying and reading the feedback and discussing the piece of work helps to check that the person writing the academic piece has an understanding for the work that they have produced (Boldly, 2009). Boldly, (2009) also states that feedback on an essay helps to improve further essays as it enables you to see where you have gone wrong and then allows room for correction in these areas. A good way to improve an essay with feedback it to summit a draft essay, then the tutor is able to give you feedback and enables time for the corrections to be made before the hand in date of the essay. Boldly, 2009).

The role of self-refection is to reflect on all the feedback on past essays and in class to help you improve in your academic study. This able you to become a more academic writer and help to get rid of any bad habits picked up when not writing academically (up, 2009). Self-refection has allowed me to improve my essays and become a better student. The first essay summated only just passed and was not academically written at all. By using the feedback I got from the past essays and reflecting on that feedback as helped me to be able o write more academically and become more confident when writing any piece of work.

To produce a good college essay is to make sure that the essay always stay on point and that the layout correct. This essay also points out the importance in proof-reading and using feedback. A good college essay will be on time with no spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes. This essay also indicates out why we reference and the importance of referencing. All in all by exploring the stages in this essay a good college essay should be produced at a high standard.

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