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American University of Share Department of Writing Studies WRIT 101: Academic Writing spring 2014 Instructor: C. Horror Meeting Times: Moon/Wed 8:00, 9:30, 1 1 :O, 12:30 E- mail: chorger@aus. Deed Meeting Location: Lang 1 02 and 109 Telephone: Office: Lang. 220 515-2717 Office Hours: SIT Course Description Academic Writing challenges students to recognize, understand, and produce academic writing. It requires students to practice strategies for reading academic material by responding to texts in both formal and informal writing assignments and classroom discussion.

It helps students enhance their writing skills through use of the writing process, and develops the necessary grammar and mechanical skills for written English proficiency through conceptualized grammar instruction. Prerequisite Successful completion of WRIT 001 or placement through the English Placement Test. Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Materials Materials posted on learn Horror, C. , Keystrokes, M. & Absenting, S. (Des). (2013). The DOS Reader (2nd Deed. ). Share: Department of Writing Studies, US.

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A paperback college level English dictionary of the students choice Course Objectives and Outcomes This course is designed to help students master the basic literacy skills necessary for successful university achievement by providing instruction and guided practice in both reading and writing strategies. Through their experience in WRIT 101 students will Employ reading strategies to enhance understanding, including composing formal summaries. Practice vocabulary building strategies for academic reposes.

Recognize and use rhetorical strategies common to academic writing. Effectively use all stages of the writing process to compose academic essays, appropriate to university level writing. Produce well-organized, well- developed academic essays in support of a thesis, using the three-part essay structure. Develop competence in grammar, mechanical, and presentation skills appropriate to university level writing. Performance Assessment A passing grade in this course is C- and above.

The following breakdown illustrates the performance categories in which students are assessed and the weight given to each category in final grade assessment. Writing Assignments (Essays) Writing in Response to Reading Quizzes and Activities Midterm Final Assessment The following is the grade definition for written assignments in this course: An A essay is a model of excellence in content and style. It is well-organized, well-developed, free from major grammar and mechanical errors, and possesses precise and advanced vocabulary.

Perhaps most importantly, an A say illustrates individual engagement with the topic. An A essay meets the full requirements of the assignment. A B essay is also well-organized and well-developed, but it may contain a few grammar and mechanical errors and not possess the variety and exactness of vocabulary that an A essay does. The ideas, while clear, may be presented less completely than the ideas in an A essay; it may also lack the individual engagement with the topic that characterizes an A essay. A B essay meets or nearly meets the full requirements of the assignment.

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